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Game Maker Games - Little Bob
Little Bob by Hellbound and Ben Briggs
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Review by Malaika
Little Bob is a well-made platformer that takes you on a journey through elemental caves, jumping and shooting and all those fun things. Hellbound and Ben Briggs have created a fun game, that combines all of its elements (mind the pun) excellently, with one major flaw.

Graphics are very well made, and work perfectly together. Little Bob's animations are simple yet effective, and the game itself is colourful. There were very few collision issues and considering the platform nature of the game, this is a very good thing. I especially enjoyed the monsters and bosses, and the little additions such as shadows under blocks and such. The blocks themselves were somewhat overused however, and ultimately there wasn't a great deal of variety.

Sound was also implemented well. There was no music, so cranking a bit of Drowning Pool over the game can help out. Sound effects were simple, but again effective, and didn't get annoying. Don't fear dying - that irritating 'ow!' sound from the resource packs was omitted.

Gameplay was a bit of a mixed bag. The arrows were utilised well, and there weren't too many monsters (actually, there were none in the first cave). A true platformer at heart, the game is riddled with spikes, falling blocks, jumping drops of fire and moving platforms. The levels were well made, and you'll have fun shooting around to find the triggers that make bridges appear or doors to open. Running out of arrows could cause a painful restart however, and this leads into the HUGE flaw in the game.

With such a big game, you would think there would be the option to save your progress. Well, there isn't. As soon as you run out of lives (a very easy thing to do with Bob's minimal jumping distance) the game resets, and you have to sit through the loading screen again, before starting on level one. Dying will respawn you in a safe area, which is very well utilised, however I would have liked to see a continue function at least.

A distracting game, Little Bob will have you jumping about the levels for a while, but you'll soon become infuriated with the only element (there's that pun again!) missing - a save function. Sad too, because the rest of the game was very well put together.

Download Little Bob (EXE, ~1.4 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.05.26 Mayoann
Rating: 10

Hi! It was a good game you got there (Im a novice)

Well, can I see your file of this game (.gmk) cuz I'll use it as a reference to my own game (still working on). There are lots of questions and stuff I still don't understand that's why I really really need your help. Please send me your game file to my email address: cutedogs_rocks@ymail.com
2005.06.22 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Oi, Razor! You need to jump up and use your arrows to hit a block to activate another platform! Apparantly this happens a lot. Just remember: Arrows can trigger things, which is why you don't wanna run out.
2005.06.21 Razor
Rating: 4

I didn't get past the third gap or something. Bob can't jump over.
2005.06.19 gurgle_egg_lord
Rating: 2

i thought it was fun but if i rate everything i think is fun a 9 or a 10 my vote will mean nothing. There were some problems with your game and i think many people agree with that. if you fix them then i can give you a 10 and be honest
2005.06.19 Dr_baconman
Rating: 6

Hah! it may have been fun and all, but you never mentioned that some blocks release special effects and all, ya ron. That alone frustrated me beyond beleif for the first 3 times I played this game. Oh, well. Anyway, frustrating, to say the least, but well done. Here are my statistics for the game:
Difficulty: FRIGGIN' HARD.
Quality: High
Informative: Hardly
Save & Load?: NO!
2005.06.17 Pie_4
Rating: 1

Bob janet this game is stupdoioioiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. (DUH)
2005.06.16 tedfuzz
Rating: --

The [F5][F6] is a GM default in all games unless the creator goes to GlobalGameSettings/Other and then sets default controls.
2005.06.16 Kamencreations
Rating: 8

I have to say this is a fun game and it dose have a way to save just f5 to save f6 to load if you have any experince in gamemaker you should know that any way i liked but some of the puzles seemed to not have enuf hints like you have to hit a block to unlock a doar but thare is no way to know what block to hit any way like i said i liked it!
2005.06.14 EagloBane
Rating: 8

I have to agree with illOx...I can save easily. By the way, great game. Fun but short (I beat in a half hour)
2005.06.13 illOx
Rating: 7

Maybe it's just my version,
but when I press [F5] my game is saved,
and when I press [F6] I can load.

It's basically like any other platformer I've played.
Same flaws as others, like getting stuck on walls if you push forward into them in mid air sometimes.

And parts of the game seem too obscure, like shooting blocks to activate hidden switches, I've actually gotten stuck on the first part of the game for nearly an hour because of this.

But it's a great game none of the less.
2005.06.12 gamefanatic
Rating: 9

pretty good game i had fun playing the game.
2005.01.31 ImSneaky
Rating: 10

There are millions of things I can say about this game.

I wanted to kill him all the time.
It is hiliarous.
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