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Game Maker Games - Krush
Krush by Messhof
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Review by tapeworm
Krush is an easy game to review, as there really isn't much to review. messhof's description basically tells you all you need to know: "You choose to be a human or a giant robot monster. As the monster, you crush people, as a human, you try not to be crushed."

This was one of the first Game Maker games I ever played. I thought it was amusing then, and I still do now. There isn't much to it as a game, but I like how so much is going on in the small screen and I think the looping background sound fits perfectly.

As far as I know, Krush has no ending regardless of the role you choose--you simply play until you lose. I guess I should warn you that this is a violent game, but you can see that from the screenshot. In fact, you can probably better judge whether you'd like this game by the screenshot than by anything I can say about it.

Download Krush (EXE, ~0.8 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.08.29 Mooseyfates
Rating: --

Yeah, I agree with jabberwock. Plus, it seems like it was just begging for the blood to be the colour of the character killed. :/
2006.08.15 Jabberwock
Rating: 5

A mildly entertaining game, but the fact that it has no real gameplay is kind of a fun-killer.
2006.07.08 virus616
Rating: 6

One of those games I would play if I was bored...
2005.09.09 Tinker Magoo
Rating: 3

Kinda funney, but it's hard to move as a human.
2004.09.28 Mocha Man
Rating: 6

Finally! A game that lets you be a giant robot monster that smashes things!
2004.09.28 Nizze
Rating: --

Its too hard too see yourself when you play as a human. I get crushed all the time.
2004.09.25 TopHat
Rating: 3

Messhof, i'm just tryin to help you out bud..
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