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Game Maker Games - Jumper Three
 Jumper Three by YoMamasMama
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Review by Jabberwock
If a franchise can possibly exist in the world of Game Maker, then YoMamasMama's Jumper series is probably it. However, unlike most commercial francises, by the third installment (titled, surprisingly enough, Jumper Three) the games are still managing to pull new things out of an old formula. And not just a few new things - quite a lot.

I'll be honest - I am not a fan of Jumper or Jumper Two. The slick graphics, the painfully precise, mind-bogglingly difficult gameplay and level design - I could admire them, but I could not enjoy them. Thus, I did not expect much from Jumper Three. I was pleasantly surprised, however. More than pleasantly surprised; I loved it. The game physics are different than those of its predecessors and actually somewhat touchier, but I found them to make good sense and to be even more usable. The difficulty, though extreme, is rarely as severe as the most insane levels in Jumper Two. But these are only minor factors; the main thing that makes this game hold my interest where the others failed is its variety.

This variety presents itself both in the gameplay and in the aesthetics. Gameplaywise, Jumper Three is the most interesting in the series primarily because you can play each level as any of several Ogmos (you unlock them as you progress). Each one can do some things the others can't, and thus figuring out the best way to solve a level is a more complicated and thoughtful task. Also, the addition of unlockables, collectables, and time trials adds an enormous amount of replay value - as you unlock new Ogmos, you may find that that seemingly impossible time trial goal from world one is suddenly easy as pie, or you might find that that coin you need to buy that hat you want is suddenly in reach. (Yes, unlockable hats. Just download it already.) There's even a whole set of ten ultra-difficult levels to unlock after beating the fifty that are a part of the main game.

Then there are the aesthetics. As I have mentioned, the cold, precise style of the earlier games left me, well, cold. Thus, I was pleased to see that YoMamasMama performed a graphical overhaul. The new style is more pixellated and retro, and I find it much more inviting. Furthermore, there is a much greater variety of tilesets and a much more interesting series of environments, which I find to be an effective incentive to keep playing. The last world particularly is pretty neat. As for the music, it follows in the vein of An Untitled Story - the pieces are composed by YMM himself and are largely of good quality but with a few weak points. Specifically, a couple of them seem to lack strong melodies; they try, but fall short of being very appealing. In general, however, it's good quality music and has an 8-bit ethos that complements the graphics. The sound effects are similarly lo-fi; they fit well and don't become annoying, which, in a game where you can die dozens of times on a level before getting anything right, is an important quality.

In short, Jumper Three is a well-thought-out and feature-loaded game that improves vastly on its predecessors and dares to bend a classic formula, not your typical sequel. Whether you liked the previous Jumper games or not, I recommend it.

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Opinions about Jumper Three

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.08.21 Recneps
Rating: 9

This game's good.
I liked the graphics and music better in number two but it's still good here
2010.04.19 yalmic
Rating: 9

Jumper 1 was good,
Jumper 2 was great,
and Jumper 3 was different.
Something its very hard to do is,
to come up with something different.
But personally I love the hard core
difficulty of Jumper 2
2009.10.06 yalmic
Rating: 10

I love the challenge.
yomamasmama did it again.
Jumper 2 was better in some ways
but its amasing how jumper 3 was still
2009.04.03 AndrewFM
Rating: 7

Yeah, I have to agree with Curtis. Jumper 2 was definitely far superior to Jumper 3. Don't get me wrong... three was fun, the level design was still top-notch, and the new abilities brought new puzzles, gameplay strategy, and variety to it. I enjoyed it. But it lacked many things that made Jumper 2 great. It also bothered me that the whole storyline was scrapped for whatever reason. Jumper 2 ended on a cliffhanger, and Jumper 3 didn't pick up where the story left off...
2009.03.24 Superaj127
Rating: 10

I love this game! Bring on the frustration! 10/10!
2008.12.29 flip82
Rating: 8

I agree with this review. It's way better than all the other ones! But, it's still pretty hard. 8/10
2008.12.22 Curtisisthebest
Rating: 10

Well to be honest with ya I think number 2 is better! oh well its still one of the best games ive seen on gmg
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