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Game Maker Games - Joust 3: Revenge of the Lava Troll
 Joust 3: Revenge of the Lava Troll by Jph Wacheski (Iteration Games)
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Review by tapeworm
Joust needs no introduction, but not many people have played Joust 2. It was an arcade game that elaborated upon the original but was not very widely distributed, unfortunately. Joust 3: Revenge of the Lava Troll was Jph Wacheski's prizewinning entry into the Summer 2003 Retro Remakes competition.

The graphics and mechanics are right on, and although his prize was "most faithful remake," this is hardly just a clone. You can't miss Wacheski's signature details, such as the intricate ambient sounds and finely-tuned particle effects.

This game is short, and if nothing else, really leaves you wanting more--not a better game, but a longer one. Even if you get through the game quickly, the boss may give you some trouble.

If you like Joust, and even if you've never heard of Joust, this is one that I recommend. And wouldn't something like this be fun as an all-out adventure game?

Download Joust 3: Revenge of the Lava Troll (EXE, ~1.8 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.04 sc(+)pe
Rating: 1

Wow! Haha Funny thing I like how the fact that THIS GAME WASNT MADE WITH GAMEMAKER!!!!!!!!
2006.02.14 mulliganmaster
Rating: 8

I truely enjoy playing this game. The graphics, soundtrack, and near accuracy of the real deal makes a good package. The only flaw I found, and this is based on personal preferance, is the unlimited life thing which takes away from a real arcade feel....
2004.09.30 Lackey
Rating: 8

Joust rocks. You know what's really cool? The sound effects are dynamic...the closer you are to a fire, the louder it is. The crossbow was a nice addition. This game requires a lot of expert flapping to survive.
2004.09.28 snipe your score
Rating: --

this game woops @$$$$$$$$$$ got it
2004.08.24 pamela
Rating: --

This game is beautiful and plays smooth as silk.
I liked the sounds very much. Gives the game a wonderful tone I think.
Actually, I like everything you've done.
Keep up the good work.
2004.07.29 Gmaker Cool
Rating: --

This is a good game. The only thing is that I don't like the music and sound effects.
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