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Game Maker Games - Jodika
A classic arcade style game where you must eat apples to clear each level. As each level gets harder, you must use certain items and objects in the level to your advantage. Don't get hit by the flies!

Download Jodika (EXE, ~3.36 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.10 Joe
Rating: 2

I'm treated to a pretty menu. My hopes are high. I press .

Suddenly, my eyes need to be cleansed with holy water after my godawful experience playing this game.
2006.08.14 drdemention
Rating: 5

Strange game. You're first presented with a well-done menu/help screen, controlled with arrow keys and enter. This screen has nice particles, alpha-mapped(apparently) text images, and nice color shifts. The highlighted option spins and has a flashing box when you have it selected. You play the game... Aside from the status bar, everything has reverted to a getting-the-hang-of-things heap of how-mediocre-is-this?! The game sprites are -meh- hand drawn. The characters are OK, but the environments are godawful. The character's motion is not snapped to a grid, meaning you catch on corners a lot, and despite the adventure archetype of the game, the unpredictable enemy motions will box you in like they did to the late PacMan! The only time the polish resumes is when you use a freeze cloud- clouds appear over every fly, rendering them motionless and harmless to the touch, and the active cloud emits a shower of particles in all directions. Then the clouds over the enemies slowly fade, and the whole thing ends.

The music is ripped (but good) and the vocal sounds(used liberally) are 'sound recorder-> increase speed' products.

This game is like a piece of candy, bautifully wrapped like one of those spherical truffles you get for fifty cents a piece and they're sooo creamy and good, (especially with the ground hazelnut stuff,) but you unwrap it to find a sugar-coated brussels sprout. You still give it a try, and after a bit of pleasantry, all it's done is leave a bad taste in your mouth.

I'm sorry to this game's creator, but you got my hopes high, and shot them out of the air.


alas, polish is nice but it has little influence. It is best used to add the tenth point to a nine game, not to work miracles.

A remake I await! =D
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