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Game Maker Games - Ice Martians
Ice Martians by Richie Brown
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Review by Jabberwock
Ice Martians was one of the first Game Maker games that I ever played. I can't say I found it particularly impressive, then or now, but something about it is kind of amusing to me. If nothing else, it's an interesting example of GM games of yore.

You play as a small green blob with big eyes, who for some reason seems to be puckering and unpuckering his mouth repeatedly. His friend has been kidnapped, and you have to rescue him... do I really need to go any further?

It is a very simple platformer. You must guide "Brog" (rather laboriously, as he's slow as anything) through a series of monotonous levels, dodging enemies with simple motion patterns. It would be very frustrating, except that you can save and load whenever you feel like (F5 and F6). If you do this, it is not very challenging, and it is not very long either. The game concludes with possibly the most anticlimactic boss fight of all time. The only real challenge consists of realizing that your character has suddenly gained the ability to shoot, and I guess I just ruined that for you. But I won't tell you what button it is.

The graphics are strange; I'm pretty sure they're all original, yet they all (the blocks, the Martian, the various enemies) seem to be drawn in different styles. Don't ask me why. There is also some very dramatic MIDI music.

I'm not sure why I find this game interesting. I guess it is its extreme earnestness (partly due to the music), in spite of its being a pretty silly game. The dialogue (told through default text boxes) at the end is particularly amusing in this way. And part of me also likes the graphics. Somehow I doubt many people will have the same reaction, but I'm not entirely sorry I played it.

Note: If you like it, there's also an Ice Martians 2.

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.05.03 S!GN
Rating: --

Golly Gee, I would have never guessed that Ice Martians was the Prequel to Ice Martians 2. Oh my...
2006.04.21 littlespudder
Rating: 7

Kinda boring really, it did keep me occupied for a bit though.
Graphics: 8/10
Level variation: 6/10
Sound/music 7/10
overall: 6.5/10 (which rounds up to 7)
2006.04.06 Jabberwock
Rating: 5

Eh, this game was okay, but there wasn't really any variety in the enemies or levels, so it got pretty monotonous. The main character is kinda slow too. However, it was kind of fun, and it at least kept me occupied for like ten minutes before I beat it.
2005.07.01 Re_jex
Rating: --

it would be nice if you got a screen shot or atleast said what the game was about...
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