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Game Maker Games - Hoopatic
Review by Bitmappity
Hoopatic! When this game starts, it gives an excellent presentation. All of the menu buttons and logo slide from outside the room into place, while some nice tropical music is playing in the background. The menu looks cool.. it makes me want to play the game. So I click "Let's Start" and see how the game plays. The objective is to aim your small cannon thing and try to shoot these bomb things into the hoop. The first few levels I say "What? This is painfully easy..". Then the obsticles come. "This is imposible". The difficulty make some sharp turns.. at first its easy and next you spend quite a while on how you're gonna get the bomb in the hoop. Some obsticles are simple deflectors, such as to bounce your bomb off of and get it in the hoop. Others use gravity to suck you away from the hoop/push you in it. It's strategy. Although most of the time you can make it into the hoop while avoiding the obsticles, you get a nifty award for being brave and touching the obsticles, getting your bomb in the hoop. An extra 5 points.

Final Thoughts

Well overall, it's a ok game. I'll admit I didn't have a blast playing it. The gameplay wasn't up to par with the menu.. which was cool by the way. The graphics could have been improved muchly. I never got bored of the music for some reason, so that was ok. Maybe more obsticles/more interesting obsticles could have made this game a hit. But if you're like me, you'll just find a fun mediocre game with catchy music.

Author's Description

A simple retro-arcade game: Shoot the ball through the hoop. However, it is not as easy as it sound. A series of obstacles, including motion wells, speed hills, friction and gravity levels, and more, are here to block you from the hoop.

Play past 300 points and you are hooked, you have been warned!

Download Hoopatic (EXE, ~0.4 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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2006.03.16 Pie_4
Rating: 9

fun game! Reminds me of super human cannonball. by the way, are the levels generated randomly? beacause at 270 points it was imposible. I tryed all the angles you can choose from but no go!
2004.11.26 Darkodin
Rating: 6

I downloaded this for the menu. I enjoyed the game too, nice concept. Although I was stumped on the level with the fan-direction changer thing.
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