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Game Maker Games - Heroes of the Stone Age
Heroes of the Stone Age by BeatUp Datsun
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Review by Jabberwock
Heroes of the Stone Age is a simple but fun platformer, and there's not a whole lot to say about it. It follows an extremely simple storyline through a couple dozen fairly linear levels, and for the most part there's nothing too outstanding about it.

The gameplay is pretty typical Mario-style platforming (with the admittedly interesting addition of stone-age weaponry). However, this isn't to say it's not well executed. There are very few noticable errors, and the little caveman is quite responsive, although there's perhaps a bit too much gravity and the ladder-climbing is problematic. The game's difficulty curve is fairly good, which is refreshing to see, and I never found it too frustrating to continue, though it provided a good challenge (and required a little too much trial and error) in the later stages. It could perhaps use a little more variety in the levels and enemies, though what's there is by no means bad.

The graphics are uncomplicated, but still quite appealing- they remind me at times of the NES. They're nicely animated and at times humorous; I especially liked the looks of the enemies. The style is a little sketchy, but I like it that way. Unfortunately there is no sound or music to compliment it, which is a real shame. I would've liked to hear some percussion-based caveman music.

One other small problem I ought to mention is that of language- the game is meant to be presented in your choice of Dutch and English, but sometimes the Dutch still crops up in the English version. It's not a major turn-off, but it's a little annoying.

All in all, this game is nothing incredible, and it probably won't stay on your hard drive too long as there's basically no incentive to play it more than once, but it's rather fun while it lasts, and I'd suggest you try it if you're looking for something to do; it'll keep you occupied for a while if nothing else.

Download Heroes of the Stone Age (EXE, ~0.9 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.11.16 Curtisisthebest
Rating: 8

Well the first yak is pretty much impossibe, so i think that could get better. But really excellent game, 7/10 gameplay
9/10 graphics
Nice job
2006.12.19 funkymonkey007
Rating: 2

This game is SOOOO perfect with the best sounds EVER!! But really... this game sucks and i'm not kidding. i can't get past the first yak and I don't know why. The graphics are decent, but I can't get very far into the game...
2006.12.19 Spikeesam
Rating: 7

Wow! What a great game! This is a fun little platformer, which is colourful fun and pretty simple to grasp.
Somtimes the gameplay is fustrating, (The Yaks) but if you cant get past the first one (funkeymonkey) doesn't mean this game is bad! I love it!
2006.12.16 dallb123
Rating: 4

Your game sucks. It needs some work. Bad sound. Id give it a 3 but ur graphics are alright. I suggest that you spend less bragging and more time working on your game! Just a couple mor hours of work and then id give you a 7 or 8. But this game is screwed up. Again it is a peice of crap. You can do better. :(
2006.11.10 jmanjman47
Rating: 5

The lack of sound effects and music really disappointed me while playing this game. The game also tedious, but I did like the graphics.
2006.11.09 Demon-Newspapper
Rating: 7

You can't defeat the Yaks, you must outrun them or hide somewhere, the game is good and no last boss..man.. but cool game!
2006.02.03 red_blupi
Rating: --

How to beat this crazy enemy???
2006.01.18 mrscience
Rating: --

This is a very well-done little game with nice, appealing graphics, great gameplay and a good storyline.

You said in the game's ReadMe:
'The curent version of HOTSA doesnt have any sounds or music, so this is not a bug... Maybe a later version will have it... If you feel
like composing some original MIDI tunes or MODS we'd be more than happy.'

I happen to be an accomplished composer and would be glad to take you up on this offer.

If you're interested, just email me at benjamintibbetts@yahoo.com with a list of all the music you need, and I will compose the score of the game (MIDIs) and send them to you. Then, if you don't like my music, you can choose not to use it. Would you be interested in using my services?
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