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Game Maker Games - Helicopter Cacophony 2
Helicopter Cacophony 2 by Mr. Chubigans and Him
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Review by Beanjo
Explodin' Crapola: Helicopter Cacophony 2 may in fact be one of the longest game titles. However, the game is simply amazingly cool, it makes up for it.

In the game, you pilot a helicopter, shooting at enemies and buildings through its entirety. You go through 20 missions, each becoming harder and harder as the game progresses. You earn tokens, and use them to purchase extras. You can buy a whole lot of extras, from arcade mode, to creator biographies. Which adds a lot to the game it self, making you want to keep beating missions in order to unlock everything.

The gameplay of EC:HC2 is extremely awesome. You shoot and dodge new types of enemies all the time. The missions are always getting harder, making the game a challenge at points. There are eight types of weapons, four normal, and four just like the normal, but they can blow up buildings, which never gets old :)

The graphics of EC:HC2 are stunning. Him did an excellent job on these, some of the finest I've seen in a Game Maker game, or better yet a game all together. Not much more to say about the graphics other than superb!

The music and sounds of the game where also excellent, go figure. The MP3 music was great to listen to while blasting away in the game, an excellent sound track. The sounds were perfect, adding a lot to my appeal of the game. The best parts of the sounds, in my opinion, were the voice-overs - way too funny! The sounds were right on the money for this game, about as good as they come.

Overall Explodin' Crapola : Helicopter Cacophony 2, will satisfy your gaming needs, with its awesome gameplay, graphics, and sounds, all three combining to make an excellent masterpiece of a game. You'll be playing this game for a while, so download it and have some fun, in this excellently made game!

Download Helicopter Cacophony 2 (EXE, ~3.77 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.11.15 E-Magination
Rating: 9

Very Fun. Ok you might now have an impression that I give very high reviews, but I have the lowest average of ratings usually,I just rate good games here.
2005.10.13 Strange Studios
Rating: 9

9.5. Awesome game, but too difficult. Maybe some cheats?
2005.05.23 -POOP Entertainment-
Rating: 8

Nice game. It had all good stuff; music, graphics, etc.
2005.04.18 Mogura
Rating: 9

I love it. Lots of action especially in the last few levels, and lots of explosion :). Its just the perfect game when I'm feeling like a ton of action.
2005.03.28 anthonyblack
Rating: 4

I got to lvl 3 and then i mgot bored. Make it more interesting please.
2005.01.10 picard131
Rating: 8

This thing is awesome. IMO, I'm forced to give it an 8 because of the screwed-up controls.
2004.12.20 raketooy
Rating: 10

This game just rocks! Great gameplay and graphics. IMO one of the best GM games ever.
2004.12.18 Feet First
Rating: 9

Amazing game, great graphics, originality and very, very fun to play. I liked this game so much when I got it that it was the only thing I played until I finished it.
2004.11.19 skate-boy
Rating: 1

It is very difficult and I diet ever in the first Level.
2004.11.06 flubeca
Rating: --

Nice but the music is from Harry Potter and the prisoner of askaban II
2004.07.15 BorisE
Rating: --

Good but too many controls
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