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Game Maker Games - Halo Part 1: The Complex
Halo Part 1: The Complex by xdarkenx (darken)
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Review by Malaika
Its a generally held sentiment that games based on other games turn out to be rubbish. Ripped graphics and sound, coupled with half-hearted gameplay, tend to turn what could be a good fan-game into a complete travesty to all that is good. Fortunately, Darken has realised this, and has gone out to give fan-games a better name. And of all the games to choose, he picked Halo: Combat Evolved.

Halo: The Complex is a unique game in it's own right, however. While the characters are recognisable as coming from Halo, quite a bit has been altered. Most importantly, Darken has made a switch from First Person to Overhead. This lets players experience the original in an all-new light. The game takes the player through 3 (rather short) levels, each quite different from the others. The first puts you in the gunner seat in a warthog jeep, and you must destroy covenant ghosts (hovercar things) before they destroy you. Once arriving at 'The Complex" you disembark, along with a few marine buddies, and kill Grunts, Jackals and Elites, before finally going toe
to-toe with a Covenant tank. At this point, I was really getting into the game, and just as I destroyed the tank and was preparing to tackle the next level... The game ends. A full two minutes of playing... Great.

Unlike most fan-games, the graphics in H:TC are unique, and look spectacular. Very few animations, and a few resource-pack graphics, but that made little difference. Very well-drawn visuals, and there were few collision bugs there.

Sound was fantastic as well. Again, some were resource pack sounds, but they were integrated brilliantly in the game. You hardly notice. The background music is also quite good, being taken from Halo itself. Two thumbs way, way up for audio on H:TC.

Its in the gameplay that we encounter a few problems. The AI, though passable, is not brilliant. They find cover behind barrels and such, but don't come OUT until you walk around behind them. This makes the game pretty predictable and monotonous. The friendly AI is also very stupid, and not fast enough to keep up with the player. The game is also very strange to control. Mouse-aiming is well implemented, especially with grenades, but the movement takes a while to get used to. Pressing UP moves you towards the mouse cursor, while left and right strafe to the character's left or right. This gets very confusing when your facing down, because left and right are reversed. Then there is the aforementioned problem with the length of the game. An 8 MB download for a 2 minute game? I think the dial-up users may want to give it a miss...

All in all, Halo: The Complex, is very well done. Most of the issues I had with it weren't very big, but the length reduced its playability considerably. If the control were changed to more traditional overhead shooter controls, and the game were made about... 40 times longer, it would be infinitely better. Responsive, albeit difficult controls, passable AI, brilliant graphics, equally good sound and the whole HALO theme makes the game pretty good in my books, but if you have a dial-up connection, its only really worth it if you're a die-hard fan.

Download Halo Part 1: The Complex (EXE, ~8.71 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.08.06 The HammerHead
Rating: --

It was okay... But I have no idea where the one bloke got the idea that it was better than the real Halo. Such a statement is indescribably absurd. You can't beat the real Halo. Also, I'm more for the idea of coming up with your own themes. I don't know why I even played this game after seeing it had a Halo theme. Oh well, not too bad. Good job...
2007.01.24 HaloGeek117
Rating: 5


good graphics, variety of enemies, looks good and halo-like


horrible controls
horrible death animations
overhead (if it were platform, it would rock)
too difficult enemies (a single grunt can kill u)

Overall, it's 5/10
2006.11.21 steelerzsuckcj
Rating: 6

Great graphics, but umm...not much else great to say. For starters, the first part is all luck and no real gameplay on whether or not you survive the ghosts,there's no real plot displayed IN-game,and the game is way too short. I enjoyed playing it at times, but like bungie said how halo is 30 seconds of fun over and over again, this is similar except it doesnt repeat.
Sound:7/10 (The ghost sound keeps repeating)
Gameplay: 6/10 Decent, but the first part needs better AI and actual enemy health and game is too short.
Concept:4/10 How many halo impersonations are there now anyways ? ?
2006.02.25 bubbleboy336
Rating: 9

great graphics, great gameplay, great controls, I love it this may just be cuz im a halo fan but I still love it the controls are very creative and I love the original halo music on the title screen just different sounds. Im addicted! I love it the only thing is that plasma's cant stick people but no big deal it still rocks and also I love all overhead shooters great game keep up the good work.
2005.03.27 bigpumpkin
Rating: --

I would like an example to please
2005.02.18 Sandcrab
Rating: 7

Hey darken I was wondering if u could make an example of how u did the enemy AI cuz I'm thinking of making a game like this (definitely different controls tho)
2005.02.08 relix
Rating: --

Im the biggest halo fan ive ever known and i havent dled this game yet cuz my pc is too slow, but neways, i think this guy deserves some credit for SPENDING, not wasting, all his time into making this game and trying to perfect everything. this guy knows wat gamers want, lots of halo. he gave us a halo game and u guys r all dissin his 'gay' game. i think it sounds a lot better than u guys r sayin. when i get a new comp or dsl, ill be back to dl it and give it a good rating. STICK THAT IN UR PANTS AND RUB IT!!!!LOL!!
2005.01.21 picard131
Rating: 10

cut some slack, guys. i think this game does need revamping, but overall one of the better games i've seen. 1 bug though. when the ghosts start firing, the sound doesn't stop.
2005.01.12 Serrellious
Rating: 4

This game is namely for people who don't care about the overall quality of the game as long as the title contains 'Halo' in it. Although the graphics are pretty well done for the most part, explosions and enemy deaths were not well implemented, as were some tiles and the cut-scenes. In addition, gameplay was not at all good because of the horrible AI and terrible controls. I also feel that bad sound effects were used for the game.

My main comment is that the game maker really should really have paid attention to other areas of the game, past graphics. I've probably played black-and-white games that were more fun to play than this one.
Rating: 9

wow this game is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2004.10.12 candc32
Rating: 2

puts the real halo to shame good grphics but poorly made
2004.08.25 pizza_on_your_brain
Rating: --

its a very good concept with great graphics but the controls are impossible to really use good, the use of asteroids style controls would be a better idea
2004.08.14 powerpro
Rating: --

The game is not really that good.
Rating: 4/10

cons: 1 level, 1 boss, mouse controls are hard to get used to (and when you get into it, the game ends)

pros: good graphics, nice level design
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