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Game Maker Games - Goldfish
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Review by Malaika
"Gold Fish is a simple Arcade Game for kids.
in each level you must find you way in the sea."

This is a direct quote from the readme file attached to the game. And it pretty much sums up the game, really, but its more of a puzzle game than an arcade game.

The object of Goldfish is to avoid the oher fish/frogs/spiders that come in from various sides of the screen, while trying to collect apples/cherries/bubbles. Its a nice game, with good intentions, but just feels like a first attempt, GM-test game.

Graphics are primarily ripped, and are possibly the biggest problem with Goldfish. There are many collision-checking issues in the game, with both the player and the enemies getting stuck between the walls quite often. The sprites are also mostly single-frame - there are very few animated sprites in the game. The canvas colour is set incorrectly, with the sprites having white splotches around them (minimal, but they're there...). There is quite a good variety of collectibles, though.

All of the sounds were taken from the included sound banks, and were functional. No particularly important for a test game, but at least they were there.

There was an absolutely MASSIVE amount of levels in Goldfish - too many, actually. I spent quite a while playing through it, and I didn't end up getting to the end. I got bored with it before I could finish. Which is a problem with Goldfish...

See, it's nothing you haven't seen before. The game consists of shooting bubbles at fish, and swimming around collecting apples. Enemies have a habit of suddenly appearing on top of you and killing you, but it doesn't really matter because the game is quite generous with the extra life hearts.

As I said, there is plenty of variety, but the focus seemed to be more on making it for the sake of it, rather than making a fun game. All in all, not necessarily a bad test for a budding GMer checking out the potential for gamemaking. It just doesn't cut it with the big boys.

Download Goldfish (EXE, ~1.15 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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2004.08.23 Mocha Man
Rating: --

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