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Game Maker Games - Golden Sun: Isaac's Quest
Golden Sun: Isaac's Quest by Vanessa Sanders (aka. happysister)
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Review by Malaika
NOTE: if it asks you for a username and password type username: anonymous password: all. then it will let you download.

If anybody is familiar with Golden Sun, then you will be familiar with the characters of "Isaac's Quest"... As I have never personally played Golden Sun, I won't go into the characters...

Maybe its just that the game is a little short, but its one of the only games I have actually finished. The story is quaint - actually scrap that - fairly non-existant, but fun, in a sort of cute, kooky way. Basically, Isaac wants to find his friends to go on an adventure with him, but he cant find them. So he goes looking, travelling to lots of places. The story is quite a lot like a children's story, and the game plays similar too. I'm fairly certain this was Ms. Sanders' goal, as she has a certain knack for children's tales.

The graphics in Isaac's Quest are ripped from Golden Sun, but are implemented well - for the most part. As the game is quite cinematic, use of graphics that work well together are important for the experience to work, and Happysister has pulled this off nicely. But. There was only one problem with the graphics in Isaac's Quest, and its barely a hindrance at all. The explosions are cut off. You can clearly see the bounding box when Isaac blows up some rocks. Apart from that, graphics are smooth, and well-implemented, even though they were not custom made.

The main reason I decided to write this review is for the sound. As I say time and time... And time and time again - Sound is quite possibly the most important aspect of a game. And time and time again, the games I review fail to impress me aurally. But Isaac's Quest is a glimmering snowflake, a beam of light through the clouds, a golden... Well you get the idea. Of course, sound is ripped for Isaac's Quest, but its not BAD! The music especially, is excellent, and it has a fairly large musical score. As well as this, the music is implemented without making the game a huge download.

Gameplay is where we begin to encounter problems... The majorest (yeah I know it ain't no word! SUE ME!) probem in Isaac's Quest is the simplicity in it. To progress through the game, the player basically just walks over trigger points that make rocks explode, trees explode, or manticore-things freeze. This allows the player to proceed on their quest. This wouldn't necessarily be much of a problem, as the game is set up to be a cinematic show, rather than a real RPG, but the main character is SOOOOO SLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWW................
Its really annoying.

Another quite large problem with Isaac's Quest is the design of the levels. In some areas, the level design is perfect, even brilliant in some areas. But in other areas, its much too free-form. There needs to be more stuff in the levels. In fact, if there were more levels, and they were more densely populated with walls, objects and people, then Isaac's Quest could very well give Seiklus a run for its money... But it doesn't. So it can't.

Overall, if the main character was sped up, That little bug with the explosions fixed, the levels redesigned, and the game simply made longer, then it would be much, much better. As it stands now, its worth the download as one of the few decent adventure games out there, but its nothing really special. I wold love to see a sequel with the above problems amended.


Download Golden Sun: Isaac's Quest (EXE, ~2.37 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.08.02 darthmoleman
Rating: 7

this game is pretty good but at the end it should be a fight. that would be cool
2006.11.15 factnfiction101
Rating: --

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If you need hosting, I could put it on my site if I like it good enough?
2006.11.15 factnfiction101
Rating: --

Nevermind, I went to your site and downloaded your game from there. I guess you changed things around. Someone may want to edit the link with the new link.
2006.11.02 RoyalSmacketh
Rating: 3

Where is Jenna? Seriously make the levels smaller. Do you even use your sword? I quit after my computer couldnt run the game and I couldnt find Jenna...
2006.11.02 RoyalSmacketh
Rating: 5

I ment a five... whoops. Sorry...
2006.06.08 Maderick
Rating: 6

Not a bad game, but it needed certain qualities and i was rather boring at times, but it entertained me for awhile and thats what games are designed to do! :)
2006.03.15 avg_joe4
Rating: 8

Wow. That was amazing. There were a couple times when the levels were a little too open (like when you have to find jenna) but thats really the only problem. I look forward to the sequel.
2006.02.18 davidthefat
Rating: 6

I played golden sun 1 and 2 so im also making a game so can u give me some sprites?please
2006.02.18 davidthefat
Rating: --

I also need help on my new game called goldensun 1 1/2
2006.01.22 Killheart
Rating: --

I don't want to download this now. D:
2005.12.01 flamozoid gaming
Rating: --

Your game is messed up! When i tried running it messed up and wouldnt load. When i tried ending the task in task manager it did nothing at all. when i tried ending the proccess.... nothing happaned except it saying do you wish to send error report but it stayed open. Idk if you can but try to help me.
2005.04.09 zeusbenedict
Rating: 4

why cant Isaac use lift or anything else? HE keeps using eruption that can only be used in battlles?
2005.04.09 zeusbenedict
Rating: 5

i forgot some things that i want to tell.Why cant Isaac be faster? and i get really annoyed when Isaac uses reveal and when i search again i only see another reveal!!!!!! so on and on
2004.10.07 happysister
Rating: --

um, this game isn't an rpg like the original Golden Sun. it's more of a puzzle game that's based on the original. IQ2 will have the same concept, but will not be so buggy (hopefully) and short.
2004.10.03 Jhay
Rating: --

haven't downloaded the game yet but Im looking forward that it will stay true to the original Golden Sun that is being playd in the GBA... (well just a comment)
2004.09.12 Bluemouse
Rating: 6

Its ok...... nice gra but i got a little bored..(sorry there could of been a good part at the end but i got out,sorry!)
2004.09.07 happysister
Rating: --

thanks, Jack! there are a lot of things i need to fix in the game, but hopefully that will all come to play in the sequel...
2004.09.06 JackRussel
Rating: 5

Forgot to rate the game...
2004.09.05 JackRussel
Rating: --

Yay, I got it. Not too bad, it kept me entertained for about 15 minuites which is more than what most games on this site does for me.
Keep up the good work.
(I got the good ending :D)
2004.09.02 happysister
Rating: --

the link should work now. sorry about that.
2004.09.01 happysister
Rating: --

thanks for letting me know. i shall look into this at once...
2004.08.31 JackRussel
Rating: --

Heey, whats up, the link dont work... Meh I come back later maybe then it will work, but please fix the problem if there is one to fix
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