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Game Maker Games - ghostkers 3d mini
ghostkers 3d mini by fishykorps inc
this is only a scaling minigame, the graphics are quite good for being my first 3D miniGame, the object is simple, it is like a first person perspective sort of, you are ghostkers and you can move left and right but there are evil peamen charging at you, you must avoind as many as you can, the further you get the harder it is

This game is a good download if you are bored, it gets really addicting though and it is only 1mb,

you should give it a try

Download ghostkers 3d mini (EXE, ~1 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.01.18 speedguy
Rating: 1

Please do NOT rate your own games.
2006.05.05 walter1996
Rating: 2

Make some own ideas! That idea was taken from a Toutorial. You just made it little better.
2006.03.09 Masterxilo
Rating: 6

The gameplay is not very good.
It haves a dug by the 2th Boss:
unknow variable = ii in action : if object_is_a..(...)

It's a example from the gmemaker.nl website with more weapons and other sprites and music.

But it looks bad.

iF you want to see a good 3D game download my.

You can make your game better if you make a own healthbar and fullscreen mode.
2006.03.09 Masterxilo
Rating: --

oh, and don't rate your own games!

2005.12.30 destroyer05
Rating: 6

This game is a little better than at first, but when you said that you made some changes you rated your game a 10. Don't rate your own games, but i'll give it 6 since you improved it.
2005.11.28 fishykorps
Rating: 10

I made the game better so therefore it is my game but I changed the characters and the speed and movement
2005.11.26 Chris Kolar
Rating: --

i dont see much of a difference. i had fun playing it, but it is a game maker example, therefor it isnt very much yours other than a couple of sprites.
2005.11.23 Chris Kolar
Rating: 1

Oh come on....you could have done a little better. All you did was change the tree sprite to a peaman, and the running guy to a red ghost. Sorry, i give it a 1, because no effort went into it.
2005.11.23 fishykorps
Rating: --

The game is still good, I changed the characters alittle but I made the speed of the game different
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