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Game Maker Games - Generation Dance
Generation Dance by DRa90NBoi
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Review by Mocha Man
Generation Dance is a very DDR-inspired game in which you choose a time limit, character, dj, difficulty, and track, and then dance away by pressing the arrow keys that correspond to the arrows onscreen. You can also compete head to head against another person.

Gameplay here is admirable, because even though the author didn't have to bother with collisions or many other stubborn aspects of gameplay, everything onscreen has lots of animations, especially the person dancing, and DRa90NBoi managed to make every animation play at the right time at the right speed and right frame without getting in the way of anything else or ever messing up. The keyboard-based GUI is clean, capable, simple, and easy to use, and the game is well documented.

Graphical presentation is the main thing Generation Dance has going for it- the game is full of stylized, cell shaded, pixeled graphics that are impressive and original. The screen is never completely still, except on the opening logo, and all of the animations are well done. I really have nothing to complain about here.

As one would expect from a music based game, Gen Dance comes with 21 unoriginal (but not overused) upbeat midis for you to play to. They're very well chosen, although the loading time on some of them was annoying, but that isn't the programmer's fault. As for sound effects, the game has none, which is a disappointing, because some crazy sfx could have really completed the cartoony, off-the-wall arcade feeling of this game.

Sounds pretty good, huh? Impressed as I was by this game's graphics and gameplay, the actual playing part is somewhat boring, because unlike the original DDR games, the arrows don't seem to be planned based on the song, and they don't appear to the beat, so you are basically pressing keys based on arrows onscreen as fast as you can, regardless of the game's music or concept. This takes away most of the replay value, although the game is probably still worth checking out to see the cool graphical work.

Highs: Colorful, stylized, and overall impressive original graphics; well done animation and presentation; music is very well chosen
Lows: No sfx, letdown when it comes to the actual playing

Author's Description
Are your fingers ready? Well, then get them ready for this game. You'll need to get as much correct steps as possible in order to win. You can play multiplayer mode, where you can either have a dance battle or dj duel. Choose your character, set your options, and begin to dance! You can unlock hidden characters and even earn secret ones if you play hard enough. So, you think you got what it takes?

Download Generation Dance (EXE, ~3.19 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.25 Goomdaddy
Rating: 8

An awsome game! It could use a few more unlockables and The Legend couold do more than one dance move but its still good.
2004.11.19 Feet First
Rating: 6

The game is fun for a while but gets boring pretty quickly. It has good animations and the music is well chosen.
2004.10.20 AndrewFM
Rating: --

This is a good game, but one thing I noticed. The scoring system is kindof strange. this was my score:

Steps Right[972] 972,000
Steps Wrong[2] -2000
Time[10 Min] 10,000
Dificulty [Lv.5] 5000
Perfect[321] 321,000
Triple Perfect[107] 107,000
Total Points: 1,413,000 points
Evaluation: That was too easy! Is that the best you got...

Note the evaluation. I got almost a complete perfect. I almost had no misses, and almost 999 moves, and on the higest level... and still the lowest evaluation. The game is good... I love it, I have it as one of my favorites, but the scoring system needs work.
2004.09.05 JackRussel
Rating: 7

Heeey, not bad. Well I havent spent a heck of alot of time on this game yet but I recon it looks to be pretty cool anyways keep up the good work
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