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Game Maker Games - Friday the 13th: Repeated Again
Friday the 13th: Repeated Again by Kafeithekeaton(LOF27)
This is a fangame of PGGames's Friday the 13th 2 and Friday the 13th 3. Afer killing Jason in the desert and in the town, John goes home again. However, he gets an IM a year later from JohnIMNotDeadYetiInCaramaska who laughs at John and said he was killed by John. So, once again, John, fearing for his family's safety, goes back to Caramaska.

Download Friday the 13th: Repeated Again (EXE, ~3.01 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.06.17 Mostis
Rating: 2

-Mostis Review-

The title screen of this game made me think "Hmm... This looks good" and I read the "story" which wasn't much help. I started the game and was thrown into a very strange world.

Gameplay 3/10
One lone thought was racing through my head as I played the game: "What the heck is wrong with you?" The game was illogical as it seemed every time you left an area you were sent to another random area. Sometimes, I press either shoot button and it did nothing. The character moved slowly. Gameplay was overall, annoying.

Graphics 2/10
The graphics were obviously hand-drawn by a poor artist. It looks like they were in a hurry. But what graphics like these usually mean is the game will be bad. Note "usually". But I was right.

Music/SFX 2/10
The music was good, but it's the only thing that saved this rating from a 0. The sound effects were so loud, obnoxious, and annoying (especially the random screams) that I ended up turning down the speakers.

Replayability 1/10
This game was so boring and bad I think I'll never even think about it again. Unless in a nightmare.

Ideas 4/10
This game looked like no other I've seen, but I heard it was a fangame, so it probably wasn't too original.

Overall 2.4/10
Well, if the author thought they did a good job with this game, they've got a long ways to go. Nice try, but maybe you should spend a month or so playing other games and reading the manual thouroughly.
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