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Game Maker Games - Flower Gunner
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Review by edenb
Open up the game on a Saturday night,
But it looks surreal- in a good way.
Smiling clown faces haunt the multi coloured maze while I wander aimlessly,
Dying every minute or so, is this fun?

The peddler stands in the corner, says, would you like some tea?
Yes indeed I say; get me away from this hellish nightmare!
This place where the clowns haunt me so, where the shooting is bug-filled and there’s not a drop of enjoyment to see. This desert of green and purple and blue!
An oasis is calling, but is it a mirage?

Back to the game, after the tea.
I ward off the enemies, proceed through the levels;
As graceful as a beggar being crowned king.

The game was a challenge, and all I feel is relief.
To get away from that desert of green.

I hated, hated, hated, hated, hated this game.
MrKubus needs practice with 3D.

But if you want to die every minute,
And play in a world as buggy as a mouldy sandwich left out in the park.
Go ahead, feel free!
But heed my advice, O traveller (foolish or wise)
Be prepared to play in the garden, or die many times.

What the creator wrote:
A 3d first person shooter. Featuring 20 levels, 5 weapons, 10 enemies, and lots more!

Download Flower Gunner (EXE, ~3.07 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.02.09 fadohacolu
Rating: 1

I want every last second of my wasted two minutes back!
2008.01.27 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: 7

Buggy. Bad looking. Hard. Addicting. All words that describe this game.
I don't think edenb should have reviewed this. If you showed this to Tapeworm, he would aperciate the bugs. But he didn't review it, and that's that.
In many ways, Flower Gunner is a lot like the Johnny series. Horrible. But you just can't stop playing.
2007.08.06 Rustudios
Rating: 1

bad bad bad aggghhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007.08.05 Astin
Rating: 2

Entertaining but very, very bad.
2007.08.05 Absolute Zer0
Rating: 7

Needs a Johnny Appearance, maybe there was one but I didn't get far enough to see it. Oh well, difficult, graphics were dumb, and so glitch, which is why I give it a two thumbs up! So bad it's good!
2007.08.05 /\seangames/\
Rating: 2

it just sucked but i couldnt stop playing it
2007.08.05 ZPXNeonGM
Rating: 1

If the best thing to be said about a game is that glitched up incomplete scenery, and awful visuals add to the appeal...you're in trouble.
2007.08.05 Sumo De Uno
Rating: 1

this is my ghost.
i killed myself while playing this game.
2007.08.04 kbyoyoa
Rating: 3

how can you think that that is really good...
anyway nice start to 3d I guess, keep trying and you will get better... I hope.
2007.08.04 warrior
Rating: --

Well I didn't try it because of the bad reviews.
However if its bad, he most likely did it on purpose.
2007.08.04 virus616
Rating: --

This game rocks hardcore old school, just like the supersweet extrafine Johnny series.
2007.07.28 beastathon
Rating: 10

Really really Really really Really really good.
2007.06.12 St. Jimmy
Rating: 1

Really really Really really Really really bad.
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