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Game Maker Games - Fish
Fish by JDE
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Review by Bitmappity
Fish is a strategy game in which you must keep your fish happy, and ultimately prevent their death. If you've ever played "Lemonade Stand", then you'll notice similarities in the gameplay. There's three key factors that play a role in your fish' happiness: hunger, friends, and clean water. These can all be purchased, with just one catch: your fish must be happy if you want to make some cash.

The main problem I see with Fish is its lack of depth. While there's an objective to the game, it's not the type that can be reached. There's no motivation to keep playing, because there's no reward involved; it's designed to see how long you can sustain, and that's it.

The graphics are flat, plain, and simple. That's not a bad thing, although some images, most notably the fish, are a little too simple. The same statement can be carried over to the sound. Only a single sound effect is used, but at least it's not an annoying one.

Download Fish if you like games that challenge your ability to manage money and resources, e.g. Lemonade Stand. Just don't expect to keep it on your harddrive forever, because it can get old fast.

Author's Description

Keep your fish alive by keeping him happy. A number of different factors that you control affect his happiness level, such as how many other fish are with him, how clean his water is, how much food he has, and how many plants are around him. You start with $50 to buy plants and other fish and to clean the water, and you get more money depending on how happy you can keep your fish.

Download Fish (EXE, ~0.98 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.11.04 force 13
Rating: 10

Although the Graphic in this game are low, but make me happy and smile...
2006.08.19 Mutantspidergames
Rating: 6

I liked this, but needs much much maintaining:
-Background music would be nice.
-Animation when feed
-Water get darker when dirty

Anyway i saw that creator really enjoyed creating this game, so thats the reason why i fave!
2006.08.17 christiandaniel7
Rating: --

I agree with Jabberwock. This game is kind of boring, I only got to day four (which is not that long) and then I quit, lol. This does sound like a cool concept, but it definitely needs some work.
2006.08.17 PnE Productions
Rating: 2

I dont really particularly like it, but someone else might. Its repetitive and, as said, gives no reward.
2006.08.16 Jabberwock
Rating: 5

This is an alright concept, but it's not done too well. It's... well, a little boring, to be honest. I felt no motivation to keep my little fishy alive. In fact, I was sort of hoping he would croak. But there isn't even a cool dying animation to reward my patience. Wazzup with that?

But I guess it wasn't really that bad, and I'm sure it'll appeal to someone.
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