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Game Maker Games - Environmental Overthrow
Environmental Overthrow by Pink Moron
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Review by Serrellious
Caution: If your stomach cannot handle the slaughter of dozens of cute and furry animals, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!

If you don’t know, I was the original reviewer for Pink Moron’s other dazzling work of art, Ambiguous Onslaught. So, the honor had to be mine to review his newest achievement, which, according to Pink Moron, is taking into account my previous remarks.

And boy, he has really turned this game into a polished gem!

Right away, when you start Environmental Overthrow, you see the Project Happy copyright logo and…a cat with it’s head being blown off! It was extremely violent, but I couldn’t help laugh at exactly how profoundly exaggerated but well done all the artwork was.

Then, after a very pretty start-screen, I got down to the real story in Story Mode. Well, it turns out that the Earth has…oddly enough, become overrun by animal activists. People are now homeless, industries have been overthrown, and all meat consumption has been banned. Can you imagine that? I sure can’t—and that is precisely what made the storyline in Environmental Overthrow so top-notch. It was by far one of the freakiest and funniest ones I have ever seen, and truly motivated you to play the game.

In addition, Pink Moron ensure that he had his fair share of thoughts in this game by inserting some of the funniest comments and level names I have ever seen—ones that could probably compare to the hilarity seen in Raging Skies by Darthlupi.

Once I got down to really playing the game, I was immediately carried off by this crazy idea to tap my feet to the fast paced and well chosen rhythmic beats placed in this game. They suited the mood extremely well, and I’d be darned if I’ve ever heard anything better chosen. Although the gameplay was as simple as eating a cream pie—you dodge with WASD, aim and fire with the mouse—the game had some very intense moments when enemies literally clouded up the entire screen and you had to blow your way through them. Not to mention, you really can never get tired of the beautifully designed and extremely radiant graphics in Environmental Overthrow.

Not only that, but Pink Moron took my previous suggestions for a high-score table and added them to the game. Though I’d like to see an online score table in the future, the current setup was fine in my eyes. In addition, there were also secret playing modes added to increase the replay value of the game. Sneaky, eh?

The only complaint I pose, although I have to admit that it is easily overshadowed by the pros of this game, is the fact that the sound effects for the shooting and the killing were not so great. I would have certainly loved to hear some screeching and gawking whenever you killed an animal, but that is the only thing that was left to be desired upon playing this game.

I was also wondering exactly how butterflies and birds managed to shoot energy beams and grow so large...but I suppose that that's just part of the game :)

What more is there to say? You can't go wrong by downloading it and giving it several good runs.

Final Rating: 8/10

Highs: Extremely good graphics, very well chosen soundtrack, very good storyline and funny comments.

Low: Better sound effects could have been chosen.

Download Environmental Overthrow (EXE, ~1.30 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.05.21 ShrooboidJr.
Rating: 8

Ha Ha! Bacon... very funny, and i agree, how do bunnys and butterflies shoot lasers? Well... I realy like the graphics, and the plot, and the gameplay, and the, um... title. COOL!!!
2005.07.10 pyroshot
Rating: 10

reminds me about something that came out of the simpsons and southpark.
ha ha!
2005.04.17 T.man
Rating: 9

A truly great game, with good background music, great graphics, but what makes this game truely great, is the story line...and the great (if somewhat warped) sense of humor, is paramount.

Well done.
2005.04.12 Pink Moron
Rating: --

Just click to continue...
Anywhere on the text or the black box.
2005.04.07 cactus
Rating: --

I can't get past the intro... I don't know if it's my computer or your file that is the problem. Or maybe the intro is several minutes long without nothing but that flag and the looped music?
2005.01.12 black floyd
Rating: 8

Great! I loved the menus. Only drawback is, it's too hard.
2004.12.27 Charcoal125
Rating: 6

Pros: good story, nice graphics, good controls.
Cons: no blood. the things that you shoot just turn into dust. DUST., Have to click for EVERY TIME I WANT TO SHOOT. You will get carpeltunnel fast. [QUOTE=me when playing it]Oh god, I think my index finger just fell off![/quote]
He said: warning: if you cant handle the slaughtering of a lors of many anamals a dont get this game!
I say: if you cant handle your index finger falling off, dont get this game.

By the way, if you want REAL anamal violance, go to happy tree friends.com
2004.12.14 krossfire
Rating: 8

Nice, addicting. Liked the graphics. Some weird sense of humour present.
Overall : Worth playing.
2004.12.14 Yibbon
Rating: 8

Yibbon Review:
Grahpics 9/10
Original well drawn and colourful!
Everything looked realistic-and everything fitted together
Sound 7/10
Backround music was excelent!
Sound effects did not vary though game and did get annoying.
Gameplay 8/10
Very fun and enteraining boss battles were exciting!
Overall 8/10
Everything came together in a nice neat package called Environmental Overthrow.
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