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Game Maker Games - Elevation Action
Elevation Action by Jason Brown
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Review by Darthlupi
Game Overview

Elevation Action is a near perfect clone of the arcade classic Elevator Action. You play a super spy who's job is to infiltrate a building full of evil spies, steal there documents, and then make your way to the basement where your getaway car is waiting for you. The action is there, but there are a couple of things missing from this remake that I noticed and will cover in the My Thoughts section. If this is your first experience with the game then you should be happy enough.

Game Play

In order to succeed in your sneak mission you have to learn to use your super spy moves. What are they you ask? Well, you can walk, duck, jump, shoot, and ride the elevators and escalators that are used to move from floor to floor in this game.

On your way down be sure to pick up the secret documents that are hidden behind the red doors (hint push up). These are the only real items to collect, but that is all there was in the original.

After you get the hang of dodging bullets and riding elevators, you will find yourself behind the seat of your getaway car in no time.

My Thoughts

I felt Elevation Action was a good clone. It had all of the basic features of the original. The controls felt right, and the graphics were all as they should be.

My only real complaints were a few missing features. You could not shoot the lights and darken a level of the building, for example. There was no way that you could get bonus points for crushing the enemy with the elevator. You could not fall to your death if you timed you elevator rides wrong. These things were all things that I loved about the original.

I think it is a game that you should download if you never played the original, or you should play it if you don't mind a near faithful remake. With a couple of additions this game would rank super high on my favorites list.

Maybe there will be a part 2? Who knows.

A word from the Author

A remake of the old Elevator Action arcade game. Use the elevators and escalators to get to the floors with red doors, which contain important intel to be collected. Shoot, jump or dodge the enemy spies, and make it to the basement carpark.

Download Elevation Action (EXE, ~0.8 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.03.23 jchalase
Rating: --

This game is JUST like that Dexter's Lab game on GameBoy Color.
2005.07.10 kirbycook222
Rating: 7

This is just like the original, with a few differnces. I had a couple of problems, mainly the constant enemy respawning and a few glitches. If you liked the original, download it now! If not, it's still a fun play.
2004.11.20 Feet First
Rating: 5

There are many glitches in this game sometimes that lead to your death. Which is annoying.
But on the other hand a bug let me live even though a bullet had hit me.
the worst bug is probably when your going up and down escalators and the screen doesn't follow your character so you have no idea where you are and whos shooting at you.
I hate it when a floor of the building gets packed with evil guys and death is unavoidable. The animations are pretty good but the sounds aren't. This game could do with some background music. The character walks to slow i think, a bullet was fired at me and i could not dodge it even though it was about 4 seconds off hitting me.

Fix these problems, then i'll like it alot.
2004.11.19 darthlupi
Rating: --

It now has more than a four. There was glitch in the rating for this one. All is well now.
2004.11.17 Aelor
Rating: 7

I find this game more enjoyable than other recently reviewed games. There are some glitches though... Why is this game using some sounds from the GM package? I found a cool glitch. Just go over to any left-side wall and press jump, you'll float all the way to the top. Something else i dont like about this game is the gameover screen. It takes forever. When i get to this part, it feels like i am playing an adware game. The game switches to a red/yellow gameover screen, and you cant press escape or click exit button. Then it goes to a bluescreen telling you to drop him a message. Gameplay, though is better than i thought. I've never played the original, but i think it deserves more than a 4.
2004.11.06 flubeca
Rating: 2

Its really really not good i hate your game
2004.11.05 Powerup
Rating: 7

Pretty cool game! I like the title screen and the sprites!
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