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Game Maker Games - Dragon War
Dragon War by Kafeithekeaton(LOF27)
You are a dragon, known as Dragon. One day, you learn that Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft has added you to the list of things that he will ****ing kill(TM). You, knowing that you have no other choice, now seek to rid the world of this mass murderer.

Download Dragon War (EXE, ~1.64 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.07.17 VGFox
Rating: 8

I like this game. It is pretty cool. The graphics were humorous and likewise for the gameplay. Too many people think this sucks because of the graphics. Try the game first, then judge it! Also..... EYEBEAMS!
2006.07.04 MrKubus
Rating: 10

This is one of the funniest and coolest GM games I've ever seen.. good job :D:D ..
2006.04.15 DraconicGaming
Rating: 1

This game sucks! A little graphic problem.. Can you do more better
2006.02.10 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: --

OBVIOUSLY you didn't play it. If you play the game, you'd get why the graphics are badly done.
2006.02.06 Killheart
Rating: 3

The graphic's look 'orrible. I doubt the gmaeplay is any better.
2005.12.11 Lucifus
Rating: 7

This game is a little... Different to say the least, but certainly interesting. Bording slightly on chronically obscene. Original idea which is well executed, the graphics are all original (I think), however the sounds are repetitve and loud... Which is what stops me giving a higher score.
2005.12.11 slash12345
Rating: 5

This game looks and sounds sick. The idea is quite interesting, but it needs graphics not drawn in Paint.
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