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Game Maker Games - Dorbajon's Adventure
 Dorbajon's Adventure by raketooy (Hulluralla Games)
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Review by happysister
If you are looking for a challenging platform game, then look no further.

Dorbajonís Adventure had me glued to my computer screen for a good couple hours. So needless to say, I find the game play to be very captivating. The controls are simple, which is always a nice thing. The mazes and puzzles start out relatively easy, but as you advance though the game, they can get annoyingly difficult. A couple times I reached levels that seemed impossible to pass, but after playing them for twenty minutes, I would end up finding my way through. Then I would slap my forehead and blurt out, ďDuh!Ē The puzzles become very hard, but they are never impossible.

The graphics in Dorbajonís Adventure are very simple, yet very well done. The only problem I find is that everything is rather small (Iím not sure if it was just the resolution on my monitor or not). People with poor eyesight might have a difficult time making out the small sprites and reading the microscopic text, but other than that the game rubbed me the right way visually.

This game has very little sound. The same song played from the title screen throughout the levels. Some may find this annoying, but I didnít mind it too much since the music was kinda catchy.

So what does great game play, challenging puzzles, and nice graphics add up to? Dorbajonís Adventure. I really enjoyed playing this game. In my opinion it is one of the better Game Maker games out there.

Download Dorbajon's Adventure (EXE, ~2.2 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.11.15 GŚsen
Rating: --

I'm confused by the fact that the review is so positive, and then the game gets the quite bad score 6.5/10.
2006.06.21 Maderick
Rating: 8

Cool game I got quite far but wasn't able to beat it.
2006.05.09 stinkoman_sd
Rating: 6

What the heck! You said in the game info that pressing X makes you shoot yet the only attack is 'roaring' (which sounds just like a dog barking). Other than that i give it a...6
2006.02.19 Mooseyfates
Rating: 3

If the sprite had any animation at all it would increase the fun and more people would play it. A lot of people like other platform games like Jumper because they like the main character because he moves around and changes.(the gameplay is a lot better too.)☺
2006.01.14 Pie_4
Rating: 7

this game isnt acually that chalenging, but it is pretty good. 7, just like everyone else/
2005.12.19 F.S.
Rating: 7

Well. Good game. It makes fun and thatīs what matter. Not great, but interesting. I give 7 points
2005.04.24 lunchrush
Rating: 7

Fun, but not too terribly engaging
2004.12.10 raketooy
Rating: --

Screenshot: http://img47.exs.cx/img47/4373/dorbajongmgscrn5ef.gif
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