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Game Maker Games - Digger
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Review by Beanjo
Digger, your favorite dos game from 1983 is back! Well, not really, more drilling action than digging, but it’s the name that counts right? :) Digger is a fairly simple puzzle in which you control a drilling robot to get to the diamond(s) in each level without exceeding the set amount of times you can drill. You also have a grapple you can shoot straight up to climb to higher places.

There are three different modes in the game: puzzle mode, arcade mode, and the level editor. In puzzle mode you play through the 18 normal levels in sequential order. In arcade mode you can replay the levels you were able to complete in puzzle mode. Also in arcade mode, you can find red diamonds that will unlock six more challenging levels. The additional levels are much more challenging and require a little more thought.

The graphics are all original and fit well together, but are not exactly “high quality”. However, this does not really subtract from the actual game at all; they still look very nice together. There are four midi music files included with the game, and you can control which ones you listen to during the game. You can also place music you want to listen to into the music folder and listen to them during the game. The sounds of the game consist of a drilling sound and a few sounds for falling blocks. Everything fits very well together and makes the game very enjoyable to play.

The game is very well made, although a little short, and somewhat unchallenging. Levels shouldn’t be a problem, since you can make your own if you feel the need. I’m sure you’ll be able to download some more off of the creator’s website as well. The levels included are, for the most part, fairly easy. I found that for a lot of the levels I could just move toward the diamond and get it very easily with no thought involved. Some were slightly challenging, but far too few. Amidst all of the level difficulty problems, I still enjoyed playing the game all the way through. Although it is very short (beaten in one short sitting), it was still fun. I’m sure it was very difficult to come up with fun to play levels without fainting in between. Digger is a great puzzle game, one I recommend you check out.

Author's Description

Digger is a simple puzzle game, similar in concept to mr. driller. You can drill through blocks, trying to reach a diamond. You are also equipped with a grapple that allows you to climb upward. The game features 18 normal levels, plus 6 challenge levels which you can unlock. It also includes a level editor, to expirement with your own puzzles.

Download Digger (EXE, ~1.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.07.11 Dr_baconman
Rating: 8

Mmm... what to say 'bout this game?
It's... simple... Kinda challenging...
Well, I guess it's a kind of ley line for good games. What's better is better, what's worse is worse. Quite frankly, I just found the whole thing to be kinda boring after the first 12 or so levels... But the game WAS well done, so good for you.
2005.07.09 interceptor
Rating: 9

Good game. First I didn't know how to get past the menu screen. Enter only showed the controls... up/down arrows could make things clearer.
2005.07.09 Michael
Rating: --

It might be just me, but for some reason I can't get the site or download link to work...
2005.06.30 matthewbot
Rating: --

To play the challenge levels, go to arcade mode, and select 4-1.
2005.06.29 kirbycool
Rating: 7

This is a pretty good game, it may have a few bugs, it's hard, and I can't get to the challenge mode even though I've beat puzzle mode and got a red diamond.
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