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Game Maker Games - DeMenTion - Low Fidelity Version
DeMenTion - Low Fidelity Version by Vlad Stoiculescu (Kro$$fire)
THIS IS A 2004 PIONEER OF GAME MAKER'S 3D CAPABILITIES AND OF THE IDEA OF MOUSELOOK.(SEVERAL MEMBERS CAN ACKNOWLEDGE IT) I WISH THIS GAME IS TREATED ACCORDINGLY ! The stupid name says nothing, so I'm going to explain. I had about eight complains on the size of the initial DeMenTion. Therefore : I've removed some of the menu graphics, without altering the game quality ! Added player sensitivity controls. Reduced the difficulty "a little". If you don't know what the original DeMenTion was about, just paste this into your adress bar: http://gamemakergames.com/game_archive/big_view.php?ticket=DeMenTion Note : If you have played the original game, don't bother downloading the small version. I would still recommend playing the original version of this !

Download DeMenTion - Low Fidelity Version (EXE, ~3.9 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.06.24 virus616
Rating: --

Heheheh...... anyone up for a gaybash?
2006.06.16 Maderick
Rating: 5

Meh? I said it was creative, I didn't mean to call you gay, that word is mainly used by the people who are gay, trying to cover up for their love of the same sex, anyway, this game was creative Krossfire, if you bother to check, it is in my favorites, and don't rate your own game, it's noobish and makes people think less of you
2006.06.15 krossfire
Rating: --

Unlike your first comment, with me being gay, this one has substance. Although...I can't believe I've been called gay by a guy named Maderick who quoted 'mrcooljamesbond'.

I won't go into this since I've passed through these pages while ongoing my college preparation. Weirdly, I don't feel the desire to make games anymore, although I had lots of projects on role. This is why I'm considered to be retired since 2005, and this is why you won't receive any more krossfire material to comment upon.
2006.06.10 Maderick
Rating: 5

This game is ome serious budget stuff, the enemys float towards you, the game is kinda weird but you get points for being creative
2006.06.09 Krudmunch Productions
Rating: --

Why is this one of your favourites then?
2006.06.09 Krudmunch Productions
Rating: --

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2006.06.09 Krudmunch Productions
Rating: 6

This is cool, but I found that movement was too slow and the mouse aiming was too fast
2006.04.28 Maderick
Rating: 1

I can't beleive krossfire is so gay
I can't beleive krossfire has incorrect gramar
I can't beleive you can't take comments like a man

mr.cooljamesbond is right!
(Italic) You are gay (Italic)
2005.10.28 krossfire
Rating: 10

I can't go about the overall coding quality of your games, which was good, have to say. The thing is that you don't appear as mr.cooljamesbond at a search, so I initialyl found no entry.

After my latest 3D Sim Quigglers, I decided I won't release anything anyway, so don't bother making comments upon this one either...
2005.10.26 krossfire
Rating: --

This should not be considered representative for me..however, I basically go on one thing : ORIGINALITY !
You kind of lack that..completely.
Case closed !
2005.10.26 mr.cooljamesbond
Rating: --

so you (italic)have(italic) seen my other games. Anyhow yeah yours does have origanality, have to give you that!
2005.10.25 mr.cooljamesbond
Rating: 1

think of some other insult besides gay b____ and secondly have you seen any of my games? not as good as half-life but put this to shame
and i have read your other post
2005.10.24 krossfire
Rating: --

I can't believe you haven't read my other post
I can't believe you call those unoriginal jokes games
I can't believe you called me gay , you gay bastard !
I can't believe I goy myself so low as to answer this
I can't believe I'm still writing...
2005.10.23 mr.cooljamesbond
Rating: --

I cant believe this game is so horrible
I cant believe youve never seen any of my games
I cant believe that your gay
2005.08.05 krossfire
Rating: 9

I can't believe you posted this comment two times.
I can't believe that you haven't created any games.
I can't believe I'm rating my own game !
2005.07.09 mr.cooljamesbond
Rating: 2

I would give this a zero if the level design was any worse. I cant beleive i actually played this game till the 2nd level. The mouslook is horrid and i have a good video card and i stopped playing because the bullets wouldnt hit unless i was 5ft away. the storyline was sacreligous, although it was pretty original. But by far the worse game i have ever played in my entire life!
2005.03.06 krossfire
Rating: --

Contact me on the 3D help thread..I'd be morea than willing to help !
2005.03.04 stevenup7002
Rating: 6

yeah, how do you make 3d objetcs in gamemaker anyway?
Nice game, iprovments can still be made, make mouse sensitivity a little lower and have the enemys die after 2 or 3 shots!
2005.03.03 coolvin91
Rating: 8

Hey, crossfire. Um I was wondering if you could tell me how to make the full 3-D spheres. I can only make 3-D boxes and cones. I'm making an fps called 'Uprising' and it'd be cool if you could help.
2005.02.18 Vistax
Rating: 7

Good graphics. There are a few improving points. when you hit an enemy make blood spurt out or have a hit sound. i couldnt tell if my bullets were striking or if i was clicking my mouse in vain. one more thing make the movement faster. not the gun its fine by the movement of getting around the map.
2005.02.18 krossfire
Rating: --

No problem, they will be fixed, but this amongst the first GM 6.0 fps :)
2005.01.06 Johan
Rating: --

Me again. Try to make the mouse a little bit less sensitive. Also make it that u can hit the targets when u shoot at them. If u've done this, I whould give you 9.3
2005.01.06 krossfire
Rating: 8

I've noticed this...but weirdly, people with low-end computers usually tell me the mouse is very slow.
The mouse sensitivity could be connected with the player sensitivity, so just use x,y to slow down both players and mouse. Thx for the comment anyway.
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