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Game Maker Games - DeMenTion

This is my first first person shooter. It has a nice story and nice environmental graphics. The enemies, A.I length and size, can seriously pull it down.

Story : You are a Fate Seeker, one which chooses to search the galaxy into finding the remains of the race which brought Jesus to Earth.

Features :

-a unique story
-non-Doom ripped graphics
-fully 3d environment
-3 different weapons (classical - machine gun, sniper + laser desturctor)
-seven deifferent weird arenas
-10 NPCs
-special land vehicle
-special "Hunt" mode

Bad stuff :

-plenty bugs
-idiotical A.I
-kinda slow aiming system, if you don't diasable the inteprolation from the options menu.
-weird save system.
-somewhat looks unfinished.

Why should you play it : It's not a Doom clone !

P.S : If the link doesn't work try "Save target as", or visit the official www.krossfire.tk website !

Have fun, kids !

Date of release : 3/12/2004

Download DeMenTion (EXE, ~7.9 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.23 Koreans1000
Rating: --

i feel left out because i cant dwnload the game
i dun noe if its my com or ur link.whats wrong?
2006.12.23 Koreans1000
Rating: --

mr.cooljamesbond u suk because u hate ppl and makeing games is harder than u think CAUS U NEVER MADE A GAME>=O
2006.12.06 FrozenWindow
Rating: --

dude, krossfire, don't rate your own games. That is ridiculous. It makes you look like a complete fool while making a vain attempt to spare your reputation, which only decreases as you do so. It's pathetic and sad. Just accept other people's opinions. You might think this is the greatest game on the planet (and you probably do) but some of us don't, so get over yourself.
2006.06.17 jmanjman47
Rating: 8

This game very well done. The 3D engine was perfect and the controls were not really that hard.
One problem though was that my computer freezed in the middle of the game, but I think that was just my computer, not the game itself.

Overall good job.
2006.06.15 krossfire
Rating: --

I won't go into this since I've passed through these pages while ongoing my college preparation. Weirdly, I don't feel the desire to make games anymore, although I had lots of projects on role. This is why I'm considered to be retired since 2005, and this is why you won't receive any more krossfire material to comment upon.
2006.05.16 Yoshi Lord
Rating: --

i understand how you would feel about all these idiots saying that you shouldnt snap at people who are saying your game sucks and blah blah blah, and i would just be pissed if people expected me to take all that without retaliation. also, i havent played the game yet cause the download is brocken so im gonna do 'save target as'
2006.04.26 Maderick
Rating: 1

I'm sorry krossfire, i am a fan but this is what
i must point out:
- You abuse people for not liking your game
- You call people 'Kiddo' when you don't even
know them
- If you're going to make a game don't take harsh
comments the wrong way, or you'll end up like
l33tnerd (everyone hates that fool)
2006.03.13 Goomdaddy
Rating: 4

its okay way tooo much action and tooo fast paced.
2006.02.14 Mooseyfates
Rating: --

It takes way to long to download.
2006.01.24 Ouchy1
Rating: 7

So many people say this game sucks, even though most haven't even attempted a 3D game before. it's a lot harder than it looks, and i have barely gotten to a simple maze with a 3D engine.
2006.01.22 Killheart
Rating: --

My God, these comments go back and forth.

First it's 'This game sucks.',

Then it's 'This game is the best',

Now it's 'This game sucks.' again. I'm not going to bother downloading it. No offense, though.
2005.12.03 Re_jex
Rating: --

nice game. One of the better 3d GM games I have ever played.. Mouse looking is very handy. Although it seems to be way too sensitive. Nice job
2005.11.24 krossfire
Rating: 10

This shows me how ignorant you can be kiddo. Again this game was a first..an ancient one. Comments such as the one above show me the amount of n00bs on this web-site.
2005.11.18 SuperDylan01
Rating: 1

2005.10.24 krossfire
Rating: 10

I won't bother answering..history..is history. But I bet they don't teach chronological adequacy in schools these days, do they ?

Case closed - those who played the game and asked the right questiosn at the right time, have developped way better creations on the skeleton or 3D objects of this game. Too bad the coding forum is not up anymore.
2005.10.23 krossfire
Rating: --

Although I'm retired (from Game Making, that is..) I have to say that being a moron is still a fashion on this forums./

P.S : Mr.Ima12yeargaybastard, have you noticed that this was the first implemented mouse look in a 3D Game ? And porbably the first non-Doom clone 3D Gama (Created in Game Maker) ? I won't bother asking what you were doing when this game came out..but you were probably busy making sand castles.
2005.10.23 mr.cooljamesbond
Rating: 1

I dont know who your reffering to, because im not 12 years old or gay or a b*****d but you certianly do know how to make crappy games. And who cares if it was the first mouselook? It wasnt a good one! And WHO cares if its not a Doom-Clone, since its not even as good as one! And youre the moron because you should have enough sense not to post a game this crappy.
2005.10.16 mr.cooljamesbond
Rating: 1

Actually i have made my own games, maybe you should look in the Game Maker forum? anyway there way better than this(even my worst one)
And secondly i would rather play a Doom clone than this!
2005.10.16 mr.cooljamesbond
Rating: --

Some Constructive Critism:
1. You all are pathetic and here's why-you ask him how to make a mouselook, when its the worst mouselook around and you can find better ones at the 3d games forum
2. How can you like this game?
3. You cant shoot any enemy unless hes 3 feet away from you
4. Three cheers for whoever doesnt like this game! Yea!
2005.08.30 krossfire
Rating: --

Well you see..there is a difference. Your commentary was pertintnent and gave resonable explanations.

The thing is, that when somebody like the first imbecil who added a cooment here comes and says 'You are pethetic and you copied the game', how could oyu not get angry ?

All I asked the people here was : Bear in mind this was one of the first FPS's ever created within GM 6.0, and probably the first fully fledged non Doom one. I do not intend to polish my game, since I'd rather make a new one :)
2005.08.29 Deadite_Ash
Rating: 4

I just registered to say this(but hopefully I will review games in the future). Kro$$fire I think you should respect other people's opinions when it comes to giving their opinions about the game, they didn't like it? Too bad, try harder next time. You should also stop rating your own games, this makes you look sad(no offence intended).
You also asked one of the users that reviewed this game if he/she ever created anything. So what? Some people visit this site to download and play games other users made. When downloading a game I expect it to be good, and the last thing I need is somebody telling me to do better if I don't like it. Thing is, you are the one making games so other people can play them, it's your job to make good games.

As for the game, it was nothing special. I would usually get suck in trees, the main character moved really slow the shoot detection was way off. The music was good though, I'll give you that. I think you should have polished the game way more before releasing it.
2005.07.31 krossfire
Rating: --

If oyu had read the documentation, you would have noticed that DeMenTion was oen of the first 3D games created with Game Maker ! One of the first non-Doom clones. Judge by that !

P.S : have you ever created anything ?
2005.07.09 mr.cooljamesbond
Rating: 2

I would give this a zero if the level design was any worse. I cant beleive i actually played this game till the 2nd level. The mouslook is horrid and i have a good video card and i stopped playing because the bullets wouldnt hit unless i was 5ft away. the storyline was sacreligous, although it was pretty originally. But by far the worse game i have ever played in my entire life!
2005.05.22 MINE
Rating: --

Thanks Krossfire, Now I beat the whole game.
2005.05.19 krossfire
Rating: --

You have to access the sphere from a lateral point. It's the final level :)
2005.05.17 MINE
Rating: 7

I take back that comment. You make the player faster by pressing shift and I passed the levels except for the one with the sphere. How do you beat it?
2005.05.02 krossfire
Rating: --

The coding section of the forums supports my tutorials...

But I would rather suggest this forum ,where a complete and revised weapon tutorial was uploaded.


Simply mail me for a list of 3D objects, or better yet, just ask on the baove forum for them , since I'm going to post them sooner or later anyway !
2005.04.30 speedfreak
Rating: 9

you don't have any tutorials or examples, or I don't find them. Would you upload a .gm6 version of DeMenTion plz? And I have another question, how did you make the full 3D objects? They don't face to the player and they are beautifull.
2005.04.28 krossfire
Rating: --

Just check in my tutorials and 3D section...and Yes, I will try to fix the A.I in DeMenTion 2
2005.04.27 speedfreak
Rating: --

I have a question: how do you aim with your mouse in a 3D game (I maded a 3D game too but I don't know how to aim with your mouse (ACSK 3D))
Will you mail me or something?
2005.04.27 wobe_studios
Rating: 10

Aaaaah it feels good to play a fully 3dimensional game with good graphics and nice story.
Some may think its bad but at least he didnt rip
anything from doom (hum hum to you all)
its a good game but fix the A1 plz
2005.04.26 krossfire
Rating: --

Of course it doesn't do anything, if you used orthos.

The best thing : Make a perfect 2D room and use the two functions d3d_start() / d3d_stop
2005.04.24 krossfire
Rating: --

There's nothing to it. I don't really need praise. I will make a better game , right after Age of Vampires comes out !
2005.04.24 dimapoter
Rating: 10

Im trying to implement a menu in luna and when you push play, and it doesnt do anything, just a blank screen,
can you help me? If you do mail me, ill send you a copy of the game... sorry for the mess in the objects and sprites.
2005.04.23 dimapoter
Rating: 10

nah, da game rocks... Kro$$fire, they r just jealous
2005.04.19 krossfire
Rating: --

Yes, I know, I pormise I'll put more effort into the next game !
2005.04.17 MINE
Rating: 7

O.K. I liked everything else except the player speed. I only got to the second level. and the reason when you shot the enemies and didn't die is because the bullet object was a little out of the center so you have to shoot the side of the enemie.
2005.03.13 ULTIMA WEAPON
Rating: --

I haven't actually played this yet, but while looking here, I saw lugia_62's comment and I just had to say this: what's really PATHETIC is that he can't spell worth s***, and he obviously has no grammar skills whatsoever. At least most of us can spell SOMETHING correctly.
2005.02.27 krossfire
Rating: --

Don't get what ?

P.S : For the guys that have been PM-ing me : I don't know when DeMenTion 2 is coming out, since this wasn't exactly a hit, and since I have other projects on my mind right now...:(
2005.02.24 AlfonsoTheMuffin
Rating: 8

... still...don't...get...it. ARGGGGGGGGgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
2005.02.11 krossfire
Rating: 8

Just analyse both tutorials (The weapon tutorial also)
2005.02.11 AlfonsoTheMuffin
Rating: --

THX. ILl go try that after the new 3d game.
2005.02.10 AlfonsoTheMuffin
Rating: --

Thx for puttin the mouse look in the forums. I tried to make my own before but it didnt work. ( it was only 1 line of code) Any way do you know how to do look up and down with the mouse?
2005.01.23 Cysion
Rating: 3

This game is really good Kro$$fire!!!
Great: it's not even a doom-ripped-clone!!!
Just superb!!!
Now your probably asking: Why does Cysion rates my game at 3/10?
Well that's because you've already rated your game 5 times(which is really NOT the purpose), so I gave a 3 to make everything back equal...
2005.01.17 krossfire
Rating: 10

Well, shoot him in the right hand or the neck.
What weapon have you used ?
2005.01.16 zdibble
Rating: 5

I shoot the guy like 5 times he dosn't die...
2005.01.05 krossfire
Rating: --

I repeat : Ripped - nothing.
I used three monster characters created
by another person, with permission, due
to the fact that the sprites weren't made
for a game, but for a suite presentation.

Nothing else was 'ripped', all done by hand !
2005.01.04 Johan
Rating: 9

First of all good game, but the AI is very basic. The only good thing about this game is the 'free look'.+that it wasnt ripped. So i'm askin 1 question.
same question as vakamadisk:
How did you make the mouse able to look around?
2005.01.03 krossfire
Rating: 8

Thank you very much Gold163.

That was kind of you. I worked more on the engine, as I've said than on the game itself. This is why it came out with so many bugs.

We are thinking at a second DeMenTion game. With real 3D Models and crouch\jump tehniques. Also the whole Jesus story should be hyped.
2005.01.02 Gold163
Rating: 8

HOORAY for Krossfire's latest game! The 3d engine is terrific, but the enemies only have one dimension, the AI is just terrible, and the textures are a bit simple. However, I wasn't expecting too much because it is horrendously difficult to create a game even close to this. Good Job and I hope your next game (hopefully an FPS) is much better.
2004.12.30 vakamadisk
Rating: 6

How did you make the mouse able to look around? I've never seen a 3D gm game use the mouse before.
2004.12.30 krossfire
Rating: 9

Look at the coding section of the forum. I've posted an easy to understand FPS Weapons tutorial.

Sorry for the continuous rating...Must take back my damage...
2004.12.29 krossfire
Rating: 9

A clone ? You f*** up b*** ! I've created just about everything by hand, except for some of the intial monster models. The game is pretty bad, I admit it. But a clone. I would rate it a 6, but some creature rated it with one.
2004.12.29 Game_Maker
Rating: --

You call this bad, but you call the Halo Doom Good???
This is way better, plus, the sprites on this aren't ripped off another program!!!
2004.12.29 Magnus
Rating: 6

THIS ISNT A CLONE! And it isnt Krossfires first game!

Considering you did almost everything by hand ill give it a 6/10
2004.12.29 krossfire
Rating: 9

You were right,this was not my first game, but it was my first 3D game (Darkchild was not a game).
There is only one way to finish it : shoot at the right hand or the neck, and save oftenly.
At the end, you will hav eto discuss with a follower of Marie, the mother of Christ. Not kidding.

About the sprites : Most of the monster sprites were created by my sprite artist, but I admit some of them were taken from a catalogue of a Danish company. Permission required. And yeah, no 'other porgram' ripping was involved.
2004.12.28 lugia_62
Rating: 1

You are Pethetic & here's why;
1.You can't make sumthing that good for your first game!
2.It's a clone seeing you said it's not
But since there is no zero i will rate it a one.
2004.12.28 JackRussel
Rating: 7

The game was a tough to play, with the controls, and the enemies didn't always die when you shot at them. However, I was still very impressed by this game, the enviroments and stuff were all quite nice. Alot of hard work was obviously put in to make this game run smoothly. I especially liked those globes which floated in the air.
JackRussel Applauds you on your fine effort into the 3D world.

Lugia_62, You have no games in this archive, and you probably don't have what it takes to even try starting a game like this, You are the pathetic one in my opinion.
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