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Game Maker Games - Defence 2
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Review by Malaika
Once upon a time in Computer Retro land, there lived a little game called Pong. Pong lived for a long long time, until he was joined, and brutally stabbed in the back, by another little game called Breakout, which flogged all of Pong's sales. The reason I told you this little story is to give you a bit of an idea what you'll be playing.

A mix of the classical Pong and Breakout couldn't be all that bad right? Wrong. It can be pretty downright terrible... Fortunately, Defence 2 isn't all that bad, though, so you don't need to worry about that. But it is indeed a blend of the two great ball-bouncers of last century.

The game itself is pretty basic. You bounce the ball up and try to hit a certain block on the top of the screen - like Pong with a goal. Hitting the block wins you the level, and you proceed on to the next one. You also have a block, and if it is hit, you lose. Simple. The game is made interesting by adding other blocks, ala Breakout, which act as a guard for the target. Whenever you complete a level, another ball is added, making the game more challenging the more you play it. I played D2 for a good 30 mins without completing the game, so it's either very large, or has an infinite amount of levels.

As is often the case with arcade games, graphics aren't a problem. Nobody really cares what an arcade game looks like, only how it plays. The graphics in D2 do not dissapoint, though they don't really shine either. A respectable level of detail, with a mixture of original and ripped sprites. But the most important thing about the graphics is there are very few, if any, graphical bugs in the game. This is especially important in a breakout game, where buggy collisions with the bat can prove to be very frustrating.

Its a real shame that people tend not to pay attention to the sound in games. I always end up saying the same thing - Sound is all taken from GM libraries, and is incorporated as would be expected. Non - obtrusive and logical - Although I can't knock D2 for having decent sound, don't expect anything particularly fantastic or original.

Overall, it is very difficult to find faults in the coding of Defence 2. It is an unusually solid game, that has been well thought out and executed. The biggest problem with the game is in it's simplicity. Hit the ball and destroy enemy squares, advance level with another ball, repeat until you lose. There are a few obvious changes that would make the game a hundred times better. Perhaps a moving enemy bat, rather than a few static bats, and the inclusion of Breakout-style powerups, like the lasers or extra or bigger balls or bats. Some simple things like that would really boost the playability of Defence 2.

all-in-all, Defence 2 is a solid, albeit much-to-simple game. No bugs whatsoever, and a unique blend of two of the best arcade games in existence.

Download Defence 2 (EXE, ~0.7 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.08.03 Pookasnooks
Rating: 5

meh- it ws okay... I agree with the staff review about adding a moving enemy bat. And powerups wouldn't be bad either. I also have a few more ideas to add -- lives, music, highscores, and that when you lose the score resets instead of staying the same.
2004.07.20 TheSodaMachine
Rating: --

I don't get it. Why is it the reviewer's pick when it only has a 3.2?
2004.07.20 Malaika
Rating: --

t had the reviewers pick because the reviewer quite enjoyed the game. See, I don't mind it at all. Some of these fancy games coming out have great graphics, but absolutely NO playability. And while I acknowledge that most of you didn't like the game, I saw a lot of promise in it. It had me playing it for much longer than I was playing other games.
2004.07.16 Mocha Man
Rating: --

Ehh.. the breakout example with more spelling errors. Fantastic. Where did you get the idea that nobody cares what an arcade game looks like?

Oh, and you can't find faults in the

2004.7.19 darthlupi

Crazy that this game was reviewed at all.
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