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Game Maker Games - Death Dungeon
Death Dungeon by Grashaboras
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Review by darthlupi
Game Description
In Death Dungeon, you take on the role of a mighty adventurer. You must battle bats, ghosts, giant snakes, and more in order to see your way out of the Death Dungeon.

Game Mechanics
The gameplay in Death Dungeon is pretty simple. You use the arrow keys to navigate the treacherous terrain and space to use your blue sword. You have the ability to launch fireballs at your enemies by pressing the Shift key (You have a limited supply, so use them with care). You must use these skills to explore and battle your way through increasingly dangerous levels.

My Thoughts
This was one of the first GM games that I ever played, so I was pretty excited when I found it here after all this time. I loved the way that this game was designed. When you kill the skeletons, their heads pop off and you can kick 'em around. This game is chock full of little details like that. The only flaw in this game is that the collisions could use some work. When going from left to right and then moving up or down the character can sometimes get stuck in the walls. Very minor, since you can get out again by pressing left and right. Very cool game, though, and I suggest it to any one looking for a quick adventure in a deadly land.

Download Death Dungeon (EXE, ~0.8 MB , Content caution )

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Opinions about Death Dungeon

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.09.07 Re_jex
Rating: --

this is a pretty good game. The movement is a bit glitchy at times, but other than that its good. I couldn't beat the snake at the end.. its too hard... for me..
2006.02.04 mrscience
Rating: 5

Kind of a classic feel. A little glitchy at times but overall a great execution of a pretty traditional concept. The graphics were actually pretty good I thought, although the sound effects were too loud and got quite bothersome. The music was okay, but for the style of the game I would have greatly preferred some Super NES-style video game music; the score to this game is way too orchestral and doesn't fit the game very well.

All in all, I liked this game, but I don't think it really reached the potential it could have.
2004.09.10 Feet First
Rating: 5

Not really a very interesting game, not enough skill involved
2 stars for the graphics
1 stars for the sound
2 1/2 stars overall
2004.08.18 Ryan Nuca
Rating: --

Graphics: 6/10 Friendly graphics, but too much of the same color; gray.
Sounds: 3/10 The sounds aren't very interesting, and the little music was terrible
Game-play: 2/10 Too easy, my nephew, who is only three years old, beat it in about five minutes.
***Don't download this game! I am making one like it, but much better. More animations, more monsters, more colors, yeah, who'd of thought, colors? Also, there will be more things to do and many power-ups, as well as a story line. It is called Knights of Ikade, and I'm releasing it on September 15, 2004 at the latest. Trust me, it'll be good.
2004.05.28 guzu
Rating: --

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