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Game Maker Games - Darklightmw's Mario
Darklightmw's Mario by Darklightmw
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Review by Malaika
Make a quick count. How many mario clones have been made in gamemaker? Here's another one for you. Unlike many other clones, Darlightmw's attempt may be worth your time to play.
Everybody knows the story to Mario, and if they don't, well, it doesn't really matter anyway. This installment of the venerable series is more like the gameboy version than any of the console versions. It has 50 levels, although the majority are quite short, and a few bosses. All of the mario basics are in the game- jumping on heads, fireballs and Big Mario-, and an excellent save/load system has been implemented.

Using existing graphics can often feel lazy, but they are integrated well in this game. Anybody that knows Mario - which is everybody- knows the graphics. The gameboy style is again evident in the graphics, as they are quite small. Some people may strain themselves seeing, but most shouldn't have a problem. Also, there is a very large amount of sprites in the game, giving it a decent lifetime.

Sound is fair, but not overly exciting. The audio tries to remain true to the Mario series, and it accomplishes this well. Importantly, the sound isn't irritating, so nobody should be unhappy on that angle.

The gameplay is where all mario clones have their problems. Some are too short, others too generic. Darklightmw's Mario certainly doesn't fall into the former, but as for the latter... Up to this point, Mario is a solid attempt at recreating the legendary side-scroller of the Nintendo.
Unfortunately, It falls short of it's goal. Like the gameboy game, you will find yourself jumping very fast, and very often. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, there are a few points that crash the rest of the experience. Firstly, there are collision checking issues. These aren't usually too bad, but they do get rather annoying. Some of the enemies get stuck on their paths, and you can find yourself bopping into an invisible roof close to a ledge. If you don't mind the occasional glitch, then you won't mind. It just seems a little unrefined.

The biggest problem with the game, however, does not lie in the well-ported graphics, nor in the solid audio, and not even with the collision checking. The game has no mouse menu buttons. You must use hotkeys to access the levels, save and load, and the hotkeys aren't exactly intuitive (enter loads, shift saves, etc). This simple problem could be fixed very quickly, giving the game a little bit more of a professional touch. All in all, worth the download, and a demonstration on how to make a passable mario clone.

Download Darklightmw's Mario (EXE, ~1.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.08.13 The HammerHead
Rating: --

Oooo... My friend, I'm sorry to tell you that this is a disgrace to Mario. I would like to bring you good news, but I could barely stand this game. Sorry. Keep trying...
2006.10.23 vony
Rating: 6

Hmmm... nice game. Though, i'm sorry to say, jumping was a huge disaster. Next time, jumping should feel like... jumping. I don't realy like the sprites... there nice and everything but... they arn't yours! Make your own! Unless you DID make them but...

I do like the game though. Not bad, not bad!
2006.09.01 electricste101
Rating: 3

Sorry dude but this game isnt that good. Mario jumps and falls way to fast, Collision is terrible, and screen is too small. Also, game speed is too fast
2006.07.08 Scummy
Rating: 1


No sound effects:-1
No play,load,help,quit meny:-2
No much mario items:-2
Short levels:-2
Move with arrows:+2
Rating: 3

Problems in game:
- No running/acceleration.
- Game speed is too fast.
- Graphics are too small.
- Bad menu.
- No sound effects.
- Missing many mario game objects.
- Sprites dont match.
- Short Levels
- Stupid AI

My rating: 3
2006.01.16 Farn
Rating: 7

Thamk you for making a Mario Clone thats actually good! Great gameplay with good level design.
2006.01.15 Concrete
Rating: 6

Hate to complain but there are afew things you could fix like the speed mario jumps and the damage cooldown when you are hit but overall i'd rate this game a six!! Keep it up!
(PS : thesodamachine is cool) :)
2005.10.02 gaf_games
Rating: 3

Level design is good,but Mario falls way too fast,and I can't even play because of this.
2005.08.01 Tallgeese41
Rating: 6

Not bad I finshed it all the way though thought the boss was cool
2005.06.23 Dr_baconman
Rating: 7

Well, well... You've improved on the new version, so here's a new review:
You still have to use HOTKEYS in the actual game, which, for some computers, is a bad thing.
Didn't affect me, though.
Anyway, you redid some levels and the menu, but there are still a number of bugs here and there.
Here are just a few:
-If you come into contact with a Goomba from it's underside, you die. In the regular Mario games you could kill them by hitting them that way.
-If you hold down CTRL when going 'Off-screen' in the levels where you can wrap around to the other side of the screen, you can actually float in midair.
-Enemies couldn't use the above feature.
-This is actually a technicality, but the so-called 'Bouncy' blocks don't really bounce you. They just make you jump high.
I found this game to be just as entertaining as before, though, so no goodie points for you.
A 7.
(If you think I'm a bad person for that, I'm not.
Just... picky, that's all. OK, so I'm irritable, I'll accept that.)
2005.04.28 kos
Rating: 9

I have the original mario game (Super mario All stars) and it looks almost xactly, there are only a few bucs example not moving mushroom

a good game
2005.04.10 Darklightmw
Rating: 8

ok, there is a new version now!!! http://www.dlstudios.net/downloads.php?dlid=6
-New user friendly menu, NO MORE HOTKEYS!
-New physics update, jumping is easier then ever before!
-New level connections - Go in a goal pipe, end up in the next level!
-Death animation, it doesnt just take you back to the title, so you know you died!
2005.04.10 mokatua
Rating: 10

Best of the Best. number one game played during school for me. must have! and even though i didnt play the hot keys version, the new one is deffinatly good, not to mention the animations.

if i were to put one complaint, it would be how the death animation takes a little while to initiate...which is kinda annoying...
2005.02.17 saabdulrehmanad
Rating: 6

how do you start playing???????????????????????????????
2004.11.27 Black_Wind
Rating: 7

This game was very enjoyable! Nice game length, the difficulty was all right for me. The final battle is slightly frustrating but and the collision is a bit buggy. Oh yeah, if you ride any moving platform all the way to the far left of the game, you appear on the right which is kinda cheap.
2004.10.28 supermario89
Rating: 5

no tius was not fun it was like my first mariogame
2004.10.13 ubersmackgames
Rating: 7

a chalenging game that kind gets on your nerves with the small screen

size and the dated colison detection I was really hoping this would be

a grate game but it kind let me down in the game play but had some

realy inavative ideas that actualy didn't work out to good
difficuty:10(1 easy 10 hard)
game play:5
over all:7
2004.10.12 teagaming
Rating: 9

Wonderful!, just brilliant!, but you could have added lives, but no matter, it is not your fault, al though your game got a very exceptional rating I give it a 9, you have Talent, and I don't mean just any talent, the great talent that is making an Platform game, even know some sprites are most likly not your own creations you are a petty talented person.
This Game was very frustrating, for me anyway, It gave me the sense of the old Mario games, wow!, haven't played any of those forever!, oh! anyway this game was exceptional by my standards, I only found one Collision Problem, and it was not a big problem, but you are very talented, so keep using that talent, and you may create beautiful, Awesome CREATIONS!, I mean you programmed this whole game(I can tell you, you are good, compared to me, I create very horrible games.)and one collision problem, won't stop you!
This game is just like all those other Mario Clones, except i thought it was better than anyone, I have ever seen(except for the Originals MW3, ETC. but that would be super hard!) you start off in a place called Basic World, and of course it means what it says!, you fight a variety of Bosses every ten levels, starting from lv. 20, as Mario goes on you learn that Kamek and many others of creations, are trying to destroy you, the cassic Mario Plot, and you must Survive, but that is not easy with Kamek always one step ahead.
You should play this game, it isn't your Average Mario!

Best of luck,
2004.10.04 Parker
Rating: --

It won`t open on my computer! Does it have to be more that win 98?
2004.09.09 Dr_baconman
Rating: 7

Meh, not too bad. Worth mine and Ian's time. But there are a few things you could have fixed. Some were mentioned in the review. Others include:
-Sprites- Most sprites came from Super Mario World, yet Mario came from Super Mario 3. Not many complaints, but it's a bit like a 2D game with 3D sprites, if you catch my drift.
Well, actually, this plus sound, collision checking, and size could have been avoided for a better game.
A 7.
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