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Game Maker Games - Dark Hive
 Dark Hive by ArKano
RTS with a twist: Environment lighting actually affects the gameplay. Offers up to 8 teams, AI enemies and allies, map editor, campaign & skirmish modes. 3D-prerrendered graphics. Online multiplayer.

Download Dark Hive (EXE, ~9.0 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.04 Deeje
Rating: 9

Amazing. Beautiful graphics and animations, control and navigation, etc. It makes me wonder why this game hasn't been reviewed by the staff! I would love to write one for it but my offer to become a reviewer was declined.

Aside from the fact that the game cannot be stretched to fit the entire screen, I was unable to find any flaws. I commend you.
2006.10.13 Arkano
Rating: --

version 2.01

Note from the author: the game now has multiplayer capabilities (tcp/ip), tons of bugs fixed, and several new features. includes a pdf manual.
2006.09.11 omnimedium
Rating: 10

I downloaded this game successfully, wiht dial up mind you O_o, it was definately worth it. One of the most proffessional game that I have seen made with game maker. The only thing that lacked, at least for my taste, was the music. however, that is just because I'm not a huge techno fan, but it's good to see someone else do their own music. lihting effects were astonishinly good, as were the overall graphics. Game play, also, was very good.
2006.09.10 ESENESES Games
Rating: --

i dont have enough ram, that makes me mad
2006.09.09 jmanjman47
Rating: --

This game looks amazing but the download is way to slow. Go here: http://gamemakergames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=23213 I made a topic to get this game some publicity. i would suggest 64digits or sitesled as good reliable host.
2006.09.09 Link4000z
Rating: --

^I agree, this game look incredible, but the download dosn't work. Please put it on 64digits or somewhere because I'm dying to play it.
2006.09.09 Arkano
Rating: --

thanks! now it is hosted in 64digits :)
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