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Game Maker Games - Darc
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Review by Malaika
As anyone who has read more than one of my reviews knows, I have to start it with some sarcastic remark about how much this game is like some other game. Well... I wracked my brain, and I have to say... I couldn't say Darc is a rip-off of anything in particular.

The game is straight-forward. You play as Darc (if that is his name?) and you must find your way through each maze-like platform level, trying to get to the exit portal. An interesting thing that separated Darc from other maze-games is Darc's ability to sink into a blob, then attach himself to the ceiling, effectively flipping the maze upside-down. It's an interesting quirk to the game, and I must say TheAnemic has pulled it off quite well.

Graphics in the game consist of very simple sprites, mostly black, but they are put together well. Glitches were rare, and for the most part, graphics blended nicely. I especially liked the main character's melding into a glob in the floor (simple yet effective animation). But there is little in the way of diverse graphics or animations in this one.

No sound. I will no longer shed tears... Well, just one or two... Really, if you want to make your game playable, put in sound. Maybe I should just cut the sound part out of my reviews all-together.

Controls are simple enough, but difficult to figure out (I didn't see any help menus). They consist of walk left/right, blend into the ground, and jump (when you are a blob in the ground you float to the roof/floor). Level design was excellent for a puzzle game, and they really make you think to proceed.

What I found truly brilliant about Darc was the coding that went into the gravity system. When you float to the roof, all of the gravity is reversed, so when you jump, you jump on the roof as if it were the floor. Simple, but it stands out. It does take a little while to get used to the 2G (2 gravitational - I made up a new term!) engine, but it's just what Darc needs to make it stand out from the crowd. Without it, it would very likely fall into obscurity.

The main problem I had with Darc was the whole feel of it, really. The graphics were functional, but not outstanding. The sound didn't exist, and the game itself was very simple, without too much variance at all. All in all, it feels like a 30 minute job. With a bit more work, some SOUND, and a few more danger-objects, Darc could be a contender for real.

Download Darc (EXE, ~1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.01.15 Concrete
Rating: 7

Your unique design fasinates me..why your almost as good as- not way no ones as good as thesodamachine! if you have something to say then repley!!!REPLEY!!!!
2006.01.10 happysister
Rating: --

the link should be fixed now. thanks to whoever reported this.
2005.03.17 TheAnemic
Rating: --

Thanks for the review Malaiki. It took more than 30 minutes to complete though. 34 if I remember correctly.
2004.10.22 ruhtrA
Rating: 10

Challenging and a good idea.
Should have more levels.
2004.08.31 TheAnemic
Rating: --

Read the help file (Open it in Word or Wordpad, not notepad).
2004.08.28 jhonkaz10
Rating: --

Wow,If only i could jump please help me here!!!
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