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Game Maker Games - Cube the Worm Game
Cube the Worm Game by Waspwort
Cube the Worm Game is a 3D version of the classical worm game in which you control a worm trying to eat as many points as possible before you hit the walls or other parts of the worm or the time is up. The more you eat points the more the worm grows. There are four different game modes (each has its own highscore tables), statistic recording, reflecting walls, pointer for navigating, many textures, great music and lots of options available in the settings.

This is the LITE version of the game. The FULL version can be downloaded at the website. FULL version contains more graphics and audio but main features are the same! Both versions are fully freeware.

All screenshots:
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Great music is made by DJDarkShadow.

You can also comment the game on the topic on GM Community: LINK

Download Cube the Worm Game (EXE, ~7.9 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.19 ninja-x games
Rating: 10

HOLY COW !!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is the best game ever...in 3D wicked awesome i like the menu WOWWOWWOWWOWWOWWOW
2006.10.23 GM Flumble
Rating: 10

This is really a damn well game! Especially for a 3D gamemakergame.
It has an awsome layout and, what I mentioned instantly, you've managed to let the worm go in any direction without any collision problems.
Comparing it to something like turbo snake 300/3d it's, well, you can't compare them. :p

Also the graphics are nice, but the anti-aliasing/interpolation doesn't seem to work that well in the menu.

If you, maybe somewhere in the future, proceed with the project, I'll still ask you to make a complete 3D modelled snake of it, instead of balls.
2006.04.22 _Player2_
Rating: --

YOU LIKE -YOSHI TOUCH & GO- !!!!!!!!!!!
2006.04.22 _Player2_
Rating: --

I recently found out about the size of mp3's, so don't respond to my first post
2006.04.12 xxlgames
Rating: 10

a very good game!
good graphics,
good music,

check my games:
2006.03.25 mario & yoshi
Rating: 10

I really like your game! i waish i had the full version but m' dad wont let me cause it cost money but now i have a 3d game to play!!! :)
2006.03.25 Waspwort
Rating: --

Thanks for positive feedback. The problem with +/- buttons is surprising. I haven't heard someone has had that problem before.
The FULL version available at the webpage is ALSO FREE! (But it needs to be installed and the file size is bigger)
2006.03.16 _Player2_
Rating: 8

7.59 mb?
that sounds small for a game that takes a minute to load.
There were some problems with the sound.
otherwise it was good.
2006.03.06 bullfrogman
Rating: 10

This is a really great game. There was only one thing i could find that could easily be fixed though. On the main menu it wont let me make the game harder by pressing + or -. Nothing happens when i press them.
2006.02.25 Masterxilo
Rating: 10

A very good game!!!

The start menu looks very nice.
The graphics and the gameplay play are also

You have make a very, very... good game!

Do you want try my 3D game?
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