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Game Maker Games - Crazy Painters
 Crazy Painters by BigxBen
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Review by happysister
While clicking on the random games button of the Monster Archive in my bored state, I stumbled across this old game. I had downloaded it years ago and thought it very good, but to my shock and horror I found that Crazy Painters was reviewless! (le gasp!) So guess what I decided to do.

This is yet another Game Maker arcade game that I think came out successful. This game is for one to four players, or you can set all the players to the “computer” setting and watch your PC play itself.

There are a lot of pros in this game. For one thing, the game play is easy. Each player gets a different paint color. All you have to do is try to cover the area in as much paint as possible before the timer expires. Whoever covers the most area with their color paint wins. Another nice factor is that the controls are ridiculously simple. Each player has a turn left button and a turn right button. That’s all you get. The paint brushes move forward automatically. It is the player’s job to use these two turn buttons to keep their brush from bumping into walls or other players. Now, if this was it, the game would be a bit boring, but the additions of power ups that pop up all over the playing field at random adds a good bit of excitement. There is a nice variety of items, and a lot of them are pretty creative. One last nice feature I’ll mention is that the game also has an option menu where you can set the game difficulty, the length of the item timer, turn the sound on and off, and set the game speed. All of those, I thought, were good additions and showed that the creator put a decent amount of thought into this game.

Now, despite the fact that this game was very well done, there are a few things that could use improvement (as there are with every game). The biggest problem I had was the fact that when you selected the “exit game” option on the title screen, it wouldn’t exit the game. You have to highlight the “exit game” option, then press the escape key to get out. Kind of odd if you ask me. Another thing is that the “network mode” part of the game was never finished, so it makes the whole thing seem incomplete. The music was fair. The Flintstones theme song kinda took me by surprise. The sound effects for the menu cursor were a bit…loud. But other than that, everything else seemed fine to me.

So if you are looking for something quick and easy to play but still enjoyable, why not give Crazy Painters a try? All in all, I say that this game passes the “happysister good game test” with flying colors.

Download Crazy Painters (EXE, ~1.2 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.08.12 user_ferai
Rating: 8

A graphically simplistic, but addictive party game. 9/10 when playing with others, 7/10 when playing alone.
2009.04.27 BigxBen
Rating: --

I'm glad you like it, Pie_4.

This version is old now. I am goi nto upload the newer release of it. Check 'More game by BigxBen'.
2009.04.27 BigxBen
Rating: --

And I'll have to thank happysister for reviewing my game!
2007.08.29 Pie_4
Rating: --

2007.01.24 BigxBen
Rating: --

@dj teh c: yeah(i dont think u'll read it now) lol
2006.04.21 DJ Teh C
Rating: --

didnt play it yet, but music was kul. 1 Q. did u make it? cuz i might want 2 use it 4 my games
2006.01.22 Chris Kolar
Rating: 8

lol pie i like your comment.


PLAY IT! its fun.
2006.01.20 Pie_4
Rating: 10

2006.01.19 J_B
Rating: --

This game really isn't that original, ever played 'Battle Painters' or one of the other paint the area type games?
2005.12.23 Wommelbammer
Rating: --

Link is broken it looks really fun but I cannot play the game!
2005.09.28 nanoware
Rating: 8

Graphics 7/10:
Simple, fitting and very colorful, the menu graphics are also very good

Sound 8/10:
Again, quite addecuate for the game, also, giving the user a possibility of changing the resources gives it a higher mark

Gamepaly 9/10:
The menu and controls just couldn´t get easier. And 4-players... That's great!

Overall 8/10:
Great game, although if you play alone, it just isn't the same
2005.01.08 S.I.E.J.
Rating: 9

This game should be reviewed. Good job, Ben91!
2004.12.15 krossfire
Rating: 8

Had to search it for a while. Liked it. Not so original as you claim, but again, I liked it.
2004.12.15 BigxBen
Rating: --

Ok, I'm trying to fix it. It should be a lot easier now. It's just going to the site now.
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