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Game Maker Games - Cosmic
 Cosmic by Virtanen
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Review by Matthewbot
Cosmo is a mission-based side scrolling platformer where you must collect stars by helping citizens of various imaginative planets do a large variety of tasks, from painting walls to making snowmen. Most tasks have a time limit, and a few are combat as well.

==Graphics - 9/10 - Excellent ==
Each planet has many unique sprites and tilesets, some of which are accompanied by animation or particle effects. Backgrounds look great as well. The only reason this isn't a 10 is that I think there could be a little more variety among the NPCs of a planet, to aid in the missions. Often times, I would forget which of the identical twins asked me to find her baby, for instance. All that would be necessary is different clothes, hair color, skin color, etc. The transitions in the main menu are like circle open/close, which I've never seen in a GM game before. The jetpack fire effect demonstrates a great use of additive blending, and looks very nice. The menu transitions look good as well. Although I think it is a little overused, especially when navigating menus. Still, overall, graphics are superb.

==Sounds - 8/10 - Great ==
Unique background music to every planet that fits the planets theme. Sounds are fairly good too, though I thought a few were a little quiet. (Might just be my comp, though).

==Gameplay - 9/10 - Excellent ==
Huge variety of missions to undertake, in many different planets. One thing I was missing in combat missions was the ability to walk backwards and shoot at the same time. Still, it wasn't that big of a flaw. The dialog is superb, and gave me chuckle on a number of occasions. There are even some unlockables, though I don't have them all yet.

==Originality - 10/10 - Perfect ==
This game is filled to the brim with tons of ideas perfectly woven into a single game. From your gun serving as a paint-shooter, to using your jetpack to ignite fires, this game is filled with new ideas. This game has its own animated universe of creatures, environment, and activities. Virtanen obviously spent some serious time brainstorming,

==Presentation - 8/10 - Excellent ==
The title screen is minimalist style, but fits well. The use of transitions for every single menu screen gets a tiny bit annoying, but only a tiny bit. It took a while loading on my system, but it is probably my computer. Once loaded, the game was slick, responsive, and running at a smooth frame rate. If that is not the case for your computer, there are many individual effects you can turn off until it does.

==Overall - 8.8/10 - Excellent ==
A work of art, what more can I say. Very original, graphically brilliant, and, most importantly, great fun! A must have, in my book.

==Author's Description ==
A platform/exploration game
with 10 worlds to explore,
over 40 missions to do,
over 100 NPCs to talk to,
and over 50 stars to collect.

Nice cartoonish graphics
and gameplay. Keeps you playing for
a long time. :)

Download Cosmic (EXE, ~4.5 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.08.12 The HammerHead
Rating: --

The game was well done. You did a good job at making many mini-games that people challenge you to. The art could have been much better though. Anyway, well done...
2007.09.02 SquareSmileyFace Productions
Rating: --

All you do in this game is help some people. What is your gun for? Why do you have lives? There's no action at all!(at least in the beggining) and if there is action further in the game, then it takes to long to get into. The controls are superb and the sprites are cool. I like the cartoon styple. But still, the beggining is way too boring.
2007.01.15 chickenlover172000
Rating: 10

this games great! i love it, great storyline, gameplay, and graphics. i also love how much u can adventure and go 2 other planets, nice, the only problem is that sometimes theres a glitch were i cant shoot or move, but other then that, good work!
2006.11.22 jer903
Rating: 10

WOW! this is the best game maker game ive ever played!!! (oh yeah does anyone know the password for that desert planet?)
2006.10.27 zon3r
Rating: 8

So much content packed into one download! I absolutely love this game. The dialogue was excellent and funny (one little fuzzy guy screams 'ASSHOLE' at you if you fail to praise his gibberish poem, and another calls you Jetz whenever you talk to him) and the graphics were good as well. Overall, Cosmic gets a big fat 8 to stick to his big fat jet pack.
2006.07.31 Z_Games
Rating: 9

This is one of my favorite games
Really good
2006.07.13 Rokuji
Rating: 8

It was really good, and lots of fun. The fact that you had startropics 2 music was so funny, that game brings back loads of memories.
2006.04.02 White Mist Games
Rating: --

Unfortunately, the download link doesn't work. Can you fix it? I really want to try it out.
2005.10.13 joman726
Rating: 9

Awesome game! I love it, except the controls cometimes just STOP working. It's kinda weird. One time I couldn't fire, then another time I just couldn't do anything at all. But other than that, it's excellent!
2005.09.17 Wolverine
Rating: 8

Great game. Easily one of my favorite platformers of recent times. Full of gameplay and charm.
2005.09.13 Lazrael
Rating: 8

Good job with this game, although the transitions took too long, in my opinion.

( PS. Kai teet jatko-osan? )
2005.09.13 REZ
Rating: 7

this game is good but sometimes, it got boring.

but still fun.
2005.06.10 Sampe
Rating: --

Wow! Looks really neat! I still can't play any GM -games, but this looks cool. I'll download when I get my GM -problems solved. I like that cartoon-style, it makes a safe atmosphere. Make a sequel? :P
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