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Game Maker Games - COPA Online
COPA Online by Cameron MacGregor
-Send and receive HTML-based mail with other users of the program
-All mail is processed through a central server
-Faster than regular email
-Comes with over 40 smilies (or emoticons) for use in messages
-New smilies can be downloaded and it doesn't matter if the other person receiving the message has them, it syncronizes automatically!
-Also has a chat box in the corner
-The friends list is similar to MSN's contacts list, but the limit on mine is 444 users
-Instant notification of when a message is sent to you, or when friends log in
-Import/Export friends list
-A couple of hidden surprises
-Ability to make a user profile, and look up other people too

Download COPA Online (EXE, ~0.86 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.03.28 [M]edieval
Rating: --

It was overcrowded :) Must be very good then. I'm not rating it yet because i didn't really use it.
2006.03.09 bullfrogman
Rating: --

it really pisses me off when a really cool online game type of thing has nobody playing it.
2006.03.02 [M]edieval
Rating: --

I'd actually better say, I couldn't use it because it was overcrowded, and I went to offline status. It was unresponsive/overcrowded
2006.02.05 Mantis
Rating: --

Um, I'd like to download this but I've seen two messages that say it has bugs (and a virus!). It would be nice if this could be reviewed enough so it is safe for all computers.
2006.01.05 c911
Rating: 1

i would rate it 10 but it gave my computer a virus but dont worry. Cuz my computr is stuffed anyway.
just an old computer
2005.05.21 spaceoff
Rating: 10

I Downloaded it when it came out, before i was a member of this forum, but i became a member to rate this! 10/10
2005.03.01 darkuranium
Rating: 9

I just fooled around a bit, and I clicked 'cancel' at skin installation prompt... It's a bug.

Otherwise I give it 9. 9, because it can't go into taskbar =P
2005.01.29 relix
Rating: 10

This thing is awsome. You have to try it. Its just like a lot of other messengers except a lot cooler cuz it is free, small sized file, you can create your own skins, and the creator is usually online and lets u talk to him and hes really nice. You have to try this and tell lots of people about it so it becomes more popular and then tons of people will be on it and it will be extremely awsome. We need as many people as possible to try this thing out.
2004.06.29 ChilliDog
Rating: --

Wow, is actually cooler than I thought! Try it, it's good.
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