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Game Maker Games - Cookie Buster
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Review by Bitmappity
Cookie Buster is a small but fun game. When it starts, you have the choice of choosing between two different modes, "Cookie Buster" (Pacman -- With small differences), and Snake. In Cookie Buster, you play through a various number of timed levels, munching through the (dirt?), trying to maneuver your way past the enemies so you can eat all the cookies. It's reminiscent of pacman -- except you're not excluded to only 4 directions (360), plus there's no walls. There's many levels which get progressively harder, eg. more/harder enemies. Each level, your speed increases a bit, and an extra cookie is added.

If you've ever played the classic snake, then the version in this game shouldn't be too different. The only major differences are that all directions are available, (Not just 4) and that your collecting cookies. The dissapointing part about Snake was that a score system was not implemented. It almost takes away the point.. the fun of trying to beat your own/other's highscore. But if you're only playing it for fun, it's a fun remake of an old classic.

I was happy with the graphics- I didn't see any areas that needed major improvement. I liked the way the character munches through the dirt.. Brown particles fly from the character as he munches. I also like how the dirt fades back in. It added to the overall appeal. All the sprites are cartoony-arcadey, and the background texture is realistic. Overall, the graphics were fine.. fitting an arcade game perfectly.

As for sounds, you get plenty. I don't think any part was left without a sound. They all sounded good together.. nice for an arcade game. Although after a while, the music did seem to get annoying. I didn't see any options to turn the music off.

The controls were very smooth and simple, only needing to focus on two buttons. So you don't have to worry about complicated controls.

Overall, I'd recommend this game if you're looking for some fun, original, arcade action. The only major flaw is a missing score system in Snake mode. So make sure you check this one out.

Download Cookie Buster (EXE, ~1.2 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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2005.01.08 Dr_baconman
Rating: --

Well, actually, there is. On snake, I read "Lives: 5" at the top, but every time I "lost a life" I go back to the title screen. What? Do you make it so that you always lose 5 lives? Ah, whatever. Anyway, there's a better name for the Snake game. Some time after "Snake" was invented, their creators came up with a similar game called "worm". And THIS looks like worm, not snake. Yeah... now there's no more.
2004.07.18 Dr_Baconman
Rating: --

Not bad! Perhaps the best Pacman/Snake imitation I've played. ....Actually, there's not much more.
2004.06.16 Michael
Rating: --

Nice game. Really cool graphics. 1 error, though, on snake you don't get any points. Nice game though. The music fits it well
2004.03.27 mrvideogames
Rating: --

Cookie Buster is like Pacman, but without walls. You must eat all the cookies before the ennemies catch you. You can also play to a snake game.
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