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Game Maker Games - Constellation
Constellation by Zhou Xuanming
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Review by Jabberwock
Constellation is an arcade game that is simple, pristine, and good fun. It isn't perfect, and is mostly marred by its simplicity; but it has near-professional aesthetics and a fair helping of that intangible quality, addictiveness.

Regarding the gameplay, there isn't much to say; it's a unique idea, and well-executed, simple enough to be fun. The game lacks instructions, unfortunately; it's not a huge problem, seeing as I managed to catch on to the general idea within a few seconds. But it's a flaw. In any case, here's the run-down: you play as three colorful, pretty cool-looking ball... things. (We'll call them "orbs", because as all gamers know, that's what you call any ball that's really cool-looking.) In any case, you've got a red orb, a blue orb, and a green orb, connected by dotted lines. You use the mouse to move them around and collect mini-orbs of their respective colors. If a mini-orb hits the wrong big orb... well, don't let that happen. It maybe sounds simple, but it gets tricky; first of all, you can only move one of your orbs at any given time. And second, as more and more mini-orbs start flying out of nowhere, well, chaos ensues. You're not completely left in the lurch, though, as collecting enough mini-orbs will supply you with special bonuses.

The game's aesthetics are simple, but nearly professional. The graphics are shiny and sleek; they look like they could be from one of those shareware casual games. It's not my favorite graphical style, but for a game like this - which mostly centers around gameplay anyway - it does just fine. The only things that mar the professional look of the graphics are a few depth problems and the lack of a custom cursor. The sound isn't particularly great; I guess it does its job. The music is a little bit annoying (or at least I thought so), but it's decent quality and it fits the game alright. (Alrightly?)

Overall, the game is smooth and errorless. Its only major weakness is that it is by nature simple and repetitive, and the author doesn't include much to spice things up... except for the three powerups you get for collecting mini-orbs, the game is pretty much the same thing over and over. Still, it's above average in addictiveness and a more-than-adequate time waster, and there's an online high score table, if that sort of thing motivates you. Overall, I don't know if I'd play it for hours, but I think the uniqueness of the idea and the skill with which it's executed make it worth at least a little bit of your time.

Author's Description:
Get your game fix today with this casual color matching game that is guaranteed to make the hours pass much faster. Collect match similar colored balls to charge up attacks such as Meteor, Shields or Healing.

Download Constellation (EXE, ~4.2 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.08.19 The HammerHead
Rating: 7

Well, maybe this wasn't that popular among others, but I was very impressed with it. I like the idea, and you did an excellent job on the reactions between the balls that are connected when one is moved. Very well done...
2008.04.30 Jabberwock
Rating: --

Just clicking the mouse ought to do it... unless you pressed Alt or the Windows button before doing so.
2008.04.30 pubby8
Rating: 5

I feel this game is overated but still fine. Graphics great, music fine, sound bad, gameplay a bit of boring. Still nice game though 5.4/10
2008.04.29 Mentalpatient109
Rating: --

Maybe I'm just stupid, but I pressed every button on the keyboard plus the mouse and I couldn't get past the title screen. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
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