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Game Maker Games - City 1+2 bundle
City 1+2 bundle by Alien Battlegrounds Games
I am sorry that the download link had busted. I am now re-posting it along with the sequal (that probably no one cares about). The sequal has lots of secrets within it just like the first. but also like the original, there are still bugs. but on the bright side, i got my sounds back up on to my computer so the sequal has sound! Also in the sequal, you can use the same profile you had in city 1.(NOTE: YOU NEED A REGISTERED VIRSION OF GAMEMAKER TO PLAY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Download City 1+2 bundle (GM6, ~0.6 MB )

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2008.11.21 Curtisisthebest
Rating: 6

Its ok ive seen better, maybe you should draw your own cars though. Its got fairly good graphics
2007.10.24 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

I know it's really late, but I have figured out how to make the health bar stay with you and make it so your person seems to go out of the building instead of house.
2006.03.15 Alien Battlegrounds Games
Rating: --

hi, i am just going to say that i have only been using gamemaker for about 6 months now, so i am still trying to figure some of the commands out!(note:i did originally try to make health at the beggining, but i couldnt get it to stay in the veiw. it would always stay at the top of the room and it would never be the size i wanted it to be. also, the part about the 'whenever i leave a building i go back to my house thing, i couldnt figure that out either).
2006.03.15 Alien Battlegrounds Games
Rating: --

Hi, me again. i just want people to know that if you go behind the 'Joes gun and firearms shop', there is a guy in the black market selling C4's and grenades.(p.s. get your sanity to 157 inside a building and then leave. somthing cool will happen!)
2006.03.14 Filmmaker3000
Rating: --

nice game except i was really, really annoid when everytime i left a building i would have to go back to the house. Also, the cars are annoying, make health.
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