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Game Maker Games - Chuggman
Chuggman by twinsoul
This is a game I was originally gonna keep to Yoyogames.com and my "main" Gamemaker site(which is currently down), 64D, but ultimately decided I wanted to get as many people to play it as possible. Chuggman is an original fast-paced platformer requiring the skills of fast thinking, even faster reflexes, and small amounts of sheer luck. It's about a cave-dwelling creature, Chuggman, who is very fond of the magical Crystal Shards which take habitat exclusively in his cave. It includes high-scores, help, tips, and even a few easter eggs. It's easy to learn, yet provides a solid challenge.

Download Chuggman (EXE, ~3.8 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.03.08 St. Jimmy
Rating: 4

Chuggman, or as it's formally known, Chuggman!, is a game made by Twinsoul.

The first thing that occurs is that you are greeted with a very irritating menu song, that plays throughout the entire game. After it looped a few times, I found myself gracing the mute button on my keyboard. First thing I did was click help, which gave me a sea of text that was impossible to read without being an inch from my computer squinting, because of the uncontrollably unfitting background. After finishing the instructions, well, reading how much I could, I realize this is not how I will learn to play the game, but rather, I will learn from my mistakes.

I go back, and I press play. Sadly, the music does not change. The graphics, however, are quite interesting. Even though I found it hard to see the enemy, and as well, hard to really realize the basic concept of the game, the graphics are neat, and consistent. Sadly, however, the same cannot be said about the entire game.

I ran side to side jumping on crystals, and attempting to jump on the small characters, called chugglets, while my character's lips and eyes matched their colour, which was changed by jumping on the shard that will match that colour. Eventually, I found myself being hit by the enemy. The message of my failure seemed to be randomized, and when I was hit, a random insult was slung at me, apparently I was 'Owned.' I couldn't disagree. After playing a few rounds, I realized this was all I was going to see. The game itself is boring, bland, and not very original at all.

Playable? Yes. As long as you have it muted, you should be fine. Recommended? Not really, as it isn't that entertaining.
2009.03.08 twinsoul
Rating: --

How, exactly, is it unoriginal?

I will try to fix the background and the text in the help, to make it easier to read, and will try to find someone to make my music(as this was a poor attept at my own, admittedly last-minute as I couldn't find anyonne else to make any music for me(this was prior to my new GMG account)).
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