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Game Maker Games - Choco-mania
Choco-mania by Nick Larin
You're a chocobo. The game is just a race game, but 3d. Defeat the other chocobo, and win. Good luck.

Download Choco-mania (EXE, ~3.65 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.08.16 Grabnar
Rating: --

for some reason i followed the instrucktions in the redme file and i still get "an un expected error ocurred" how come

alsow the rest of the game looks awesome!
2007.02.01 DRM
Rating: 7

It would not be very fair for me to review this
perticular game . This is because I am a chocobo
fanatic of biblical proportions ; an obscesed nut
as it were . . . I have collected likely 99% of all images on the internet , I draw them , carve them out of wood , often speak their language to the confussion of those not in the know . . . YOU GET THE IDEA . . .
As such , I give it thirty two WARKS and fifteen KWEEEES , two FFTactics beak pecks on the heads of unelightened fools ,and I urge everyone to remember to scratch the white ones behind the ears
I am impressed by it as a game made with GM . It seems to have a few glitches that I am sure the designer will de-bug.
Whether you love , hate or even know what a chocobo is , it is worth a download ; In many aspects it has near professional qualities. And is enjoyable to boot .
This Chocobo Sage shall give it a SEVEN

Keep up the good work . .
Absolutely love this little game
2007.01.31 GamerHippo7
Rating: 10

Hey there. Immensely impressive game you've got. Yes I can easily see this getting an official rating of 9-star or higher when the full game comes out.

You all should REALLY check this one out, it's worth your time. I mean it.

It's inspired me to start programming with GM's 3D functions.
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