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Game Maker Games - Chain Reactions
 Chain Reactions by Patrick Forsyth
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Review by Bitmappity
Chain Reactions is fun, polished "Same Game" clone which improves upon the original by adding a few nice graphical touches.

If you've never played Same Game, it's one of those games that you can just jump in and play right away. Basically, you're trying to clear the screen by destroying groups of tiles; groups being two or more tiles of the same color. The more tiles that are in a group when you destroy it, the more points you get.

The author does a good job of creating the "Same Game" gameplay. If I could criticize one thing about the gameplay, then I'd have to say that the game seems a tiny bit easier than the original. It seems that more blocks of the same color touch when you start. If you found the original too easy, then this might be a bit of a disappointment.

The graphics and effects are good, especially the tiles and their sliding motion. Each time you start a game, there's a new scenic image in the background, which is nice if not a little odd. Once again, only one criticism. I think the windows borders and font are boring, and could use a little work. These are small things but could definitely liven up the atmosphere of the game.

The original game didn't have any sounds. Chain Reactions has one sound; a small clicking noise. I like how the sound is used throughout the game, but after a while, it can tend to get annoying. I think a better sound could have been chosen.

Overall, Chain Reactions is a nice, polished clone of the original that has only minor flaws. Any puzzle fan will enjoy this game.

Author's Description

In Chain Reaction you remove blocks each turn. By clicking a red block, you destroy it, it also starts a chain witch destroys all adjacent red blocks in a long chain.

As the chain goes forth the combo multiplier grows higher and each removed block gives more score then the one before.

By mastering the necessary skills you might get the ultimate score!

Good Luck!

Download Chain Reactions (EXE, ~1.58 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.08.28 Aidan12
Rating: 9

The game is incredible, Patrick! What kind of code do you use for the matching? I so gotta have that! Then I can make a tic-tac-toe game! You got one happy Aidan12 here!
2005.10.18 addy771
Rating: 6

I think the game should have more levels with increasing difficulty. it would make the replay value higher.
2005.10.13 Forsyth_88
Rating: --

Yeah, I know. Though I made this game quite a long time ago, had no idea how to calculate if any possible removals were avaible back then.
2005.10.12 Pug Fugly
Rating: 5

This has been a tad overrated.

Firstly the game should end when there are no more goes. Secondly, the movement of the blocks is so unpredictable that it makes planning a highscore a waste of time.
2005.10.09 Bonecollector
Rating: 10

Awesome game, and (i forgot your name) if you want to play another great puzzle game play Sokoban by Patrick Forsyth ;) His latest game... Awesome job Patrick, I didnt really take a good look at this game but its really cool!
2005.07.02 Forsyth_88
Rating: --

Changed the screenshot ^_^

You have a point there Some Guy.
2005.06.23 Some Guy
Rating: --

Interesting concept. I am a big fan of puzzle games and have been for some time. This one is very well done. I have not seen any bugs and this could pass as a commercial game in my opinion. Completely random levels does sort of take away from the replay value a bit, but it's not bad for the most part.
2005.02.25 Eeerie
Rating: 10


I am a great fan of your games.. Well actually i've only played 3D snake before, but it was marvelous. This is also great fun! :D

My only complaints are that the screenshot looks a 'little' compressed.
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