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Game Maker Games - Chain Reaction
 Chain Reaction by r1ck14
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Review by Mocha Man
If you've got patience, and you like games that make you think, you should be very interested in Chain Reaction, an isometric puzzler in which you place radioactive particles with various behaviors amongst inactive particles in order to eventually activate all the inactive particles with a single click of the Start particle.

As far as gameplay goes, I had no trouble with any of the common annoyances I encounter in games, such as uncooperative menu buttons or sloppy collisions. Instead, everything works the way it should and nothing gets in the way of your thoughts as you concentrate on the current level. The only thing I noticed that could have been fixed is the way the music restarts when you reset a level, which you do often. Things seem to be done minimally- everything works the way it ought to with no extra animations or frills. The gameplay, while not buggy, doesn't have that extra layer of polish that I like to see in games, especially those where your screen looks generally the same a lot of the time. This, however, is better than having polish that doesn't work correctly.

Graphically, R1ck14 did a good job, with a set of simple rendered graphics that go together without being intrusive, annoying, or otherwise hard to look at. I didn't catch any GM resource-pack sprites anywhere either, which is always a bonus. Like the gameplay, there isn't any special flashy bit anywhere that would make the game extra memorable, but then, there aren't any problems either. One thing I liked is that although it can get complicated working out puzzles, your screen is easy to navigate and well laid out such that no extra effort is spent trying to locate anything.You are given a selection of several non-original midis to listen to while you concentrate, although most of them (particularly the default one, which is some kind of ska) don't exactly fit the relaxing atmosphere of the game. One of them is a Kirby song, which is anything but calm. Sound effects were nonexistent, which wasn't as bad as usual, since sound effects would probably get annoying and repetitive in this game.

The main thing going for this game is the quality of each puzzle and how it's not so difficult that you get stumped permanently, and that there's nothing annoying or intrusive, graphically or otherwise, to keep you from figuring things out. The game is very well documented and doesn't take too long to load or download, and is original enough to keep puzzle fans occupied for quite awhile.

Highs: Original and quality puzzles, nicely done graphics and gameplay. Addictive.

Lows: Things meet expectations, but they don't exceed them. The music is unoriginal and could have been better chosen.

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Opinions about Chain Reaction

Overall: indifferent

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Comments (Add your own):
2004.11.11 Powerup
Rating: 10

WOW! This game is fun, challenging, and completely one-of-a-kind!
2004.05.05 radagastBrown
Rating: --

This is a great puzzle game worthy of the highest honor... it's a great challenge, and is interesting with a good way of displaying each puzzle. Definitely worth the download.
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