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Game Maker Games - Cannibal Machine
 Cannibal Machine by JaJ
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Review by Jabberwock
For some reason, I find myself irresistably drawn to short, strange games, and consequently I also find myself reviewing a lot of them. Cannibal Machine, as one might guess from the title, is one such game, though it's even more unusual than most.

It's a point-and-click adventure game, similar in gameplay to RICANJO's Waffle series. However, that's sort of like saying that a pidgeon and an ostrich are both birds; sure, it's technically true, but other than that they're vastly different. Cannibal Machine is dark, twisted, and frantic, unlike the tame and relaxing Waffle games; it's more of a puzzle-solving scramble than anything else.

The graphics are great. They're highly pixellated, yet elaborately detailed and even darkly humorous. They even have a pseudo-3D aspect to them, as the game's single room consists of several parallel layers which scroll separately from each other. The sound is a single track of fittingly dark organ-playing.

If you like the idea of cannibal meat-packing plants and lots of frantic clicking, then this is a game you might enjoy. It'll probably only take you a few minutes to beat, so even if you don't have a lot of time you can expect to finish it, and maybe even have some fun.

Download Cannibal Machine (EXE, ~3 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.10.16 Hubert
Rating: 1

I'm sorry but it didn't work, and it brought a message that said error with object drawit.
2006.10.15 Phreak
Rating: --

the most I can do is Find the key and pick up a Meat can.
2006.10.09 JaJ
Rating: --

the dlls have to do with the music
2006.10.08 drdemention
Rating: 7

Here's a hint if you're stuck:
you can beat this game by clicking 10 times, given the mouse is in the right place and the time is right.
And that's essentially the only way to beat it.
If you take too long, li'l hanging meathook man is toast.
It's all about the inventory
very VERY short(ten clicks short), but nice atmosphere.
I don't get why you needed dlls. It seemed very simple. (and short)
2006.10.05 Radnom Games
Rating: --

Fun, awesome parallax, but really short :P
2006.10.02 Rokuji
Rating: 7

Awesome game... but i suck at it. :P I can't get very far.
2006.10.02 PnE Productions
Rating: 8

Took a dew trys, but it was fun nonetheless.I say 8.
2006.10.01 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: 8

How do you save the man???

The game was really good but I can't get past the Key with the dog guarding it... And I don't even know how I got there
2006.10.01 christiandaniel7
Rating: --

Hey, I just wanted to ask you guys why it is rated yellow: is it just for violence (and blood) or does it have language also? Thanks.
2006.10.01 Jabberwock
Rating: --

There's nothing really bad about this game; I only gave it a content caution because it seemed a little wrong to say it's 'suitable for everyone.' ;)
2006.09.30 FearedMachina
Rating: 9

Awesome, really creative. More GM games need to be creative. Good Job,
2006.09.30 warrior
Rating: 7

That game was kind of neat and had a crazy atmosphere, but it was pretty short and some of the stuff you were supposed to do in order to activate other stuff didn't seem to make sense to me at times.
I give it a 7, for its originality and awesome atmosphere.
2006.09.21 game_devil
Rating: 6

I love this machine!
I give it a 6
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