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Game Maker Games - C2 - Light vs Darkness
C2 - Light vs Darkness by FilipbabaNY
this is a game about moslty good vs evil but the characters are the light and darkness. the main goal of the game is to destroy the darkness so good will triumph over evil. got to help to learn the controls. MUST HAVE GAME MAKER 6.1 REGISTERED TO PLAY GAME (uses particle systems, effects) if doesent work or you dont have GM 6.1 reg then email me for the executable.
P.S. if in the properties of the game says demo version just ignore that (because i used the same engine as in the previous demo of this game that i made)

Download C2 - Light vs Darkness (GM6, ~2.97 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.11.03 lizard
Rating: --

E me the EXE. file!!! so i can play

2006.04.08 FilipBabaNY
Rating: --

I can't Since its for the competition it has to be a GM6 File
2006.03.27 SuperDylan01
Rating: --

dude! put is in EXE form. i cant play the damn game O_O
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