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Game Maker Games - Buttonized 2: Lexipixel's Revenge
Buttonized 2: Lexipixel's Revenge by AmazingPeter
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Review by Jabberwock
Buttonized 2 (sequel to Buttonized, as you may have guessed) is an entertaining and fairly challenging puzzle platformer. Unfortunately, while it improves over its predecessor in some areas, overall I think it's actually a slightly worse game.

The game engine is exactly the same as the first. It's a no-frills platformer that's mostly error free. The only real difference in the gameplay is the addition of a few more obstacles. Despite this (and the fact that this one actually has multiple environments), the level design is decidedly worse than in the original, which really brings down the game as a whole. At times it feels pretty much random. The main thing that drags the game down, though, is the boss battles. The bosses are all gigantic squares, which move around in completely random patterns, making the "battles" (really, they involve you just trying to get past the boss, like in the original Mario Bros.) difficult for no reason and no fun.

The graphics are pretty much the same too. The only difference, as I've said, is that there are several different environments this time. They're pretty much the obligatory level types - lava, snow, underwater, jungle. The added variety is nice, though.

The sound effects seem to have been gathered from a lot of different sources, but they're not bad. The music is MIDI; it's unmemorable, but not unfitting or annoying, which is about as much as you can ask for.

The resulting game is pretty unremarkable, but still, you might consider downloading it on a rainy day. It at least provides a bit of a challenge.

Download Buttonized 2: Lexipixel's Revenge (EXE, ~2.6 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.09.05 DeathMasterGames
Rating: 7

I liked it. It was a good sequel to the previous game. Still easy to beat, but somewhat challenging. As always, I hate water levels, but I'm glad the boss fight wasn't extremely easy. I actually found this game easier than the last, but I still prefer this one. I'd rather not have the game too random and difficult. The graphics aren't the greatest, but show improvement since last time. 7/10 Keep up the good work.
2007.09.03 Jam Games
Rating: 10

I just beat the game, I loved it! Make A 3rd!
2007.08.27 RICANJO
Rating: 5

So after beating the last boss, which was almost impossible to get past; I only managed to because he got stuck in the wall, you get quite possibly the blandest ending ever. Buttonized was far better, and less glitchy.
2007.08.26 serprex
Rating: 6

Nicely put together,though I cringed at the use of show_message()
Collisions seemed off at times
Enemy movment was really annoying,and not in the fun annoying way but in the frustrating and unfair kind of annoying
IceZone...I didn't always bounce off the buttons
WaterZone...I got stuck in the ceiling(And after dying,I kept getting stuck in the block underneat me)
2007.06.13 Andy0_0black
Rating: 7

This is a nice little game. I took me a while to beat it, and it was fun. I like the graphics, especially the buttons, and the game was decently smooth. good one.
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