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Game Maker Games - Bumper Ball
Bumper Ball by Zaron X
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Review by Mocha Man
Bumper Ball is not quite totally unlike breakout. You still control a paddle with the arrow keys to keep the ball from falling beyond it, but there is gravity toward the paddle, which adds a substantial amount of difficulty to the game. Furthermore, instead of blocks that get destroyed as soon as the ball hits them, these bumpers light up and linger for a few seconds before disappearing, so your ball can hit them more than once. Stages are often bigger than the screen, unlike breakout.

The gravity certainly makes for smoother movement, and the collisions are generally clean, although the ball sticks on various obstacles sometimes. Also, since the paddle can't move beyond the bottom of the screen, the longer levels are usually just up to luck as far as how quickly you can clear the bumpers.

Graphics are decent all around. All the sprites are colorful and well rendered, but there is nothing particularly eye-catching when it comes to animation or other polish. I would like to have seen the bumpers explode or fade out, for example. Sound effects could use more work, because they are common enough sound files and because the game will let the same sound effect overlap itself-- if the ball hits a boost pad and keeps hitting it for a few steps, the sound effect will play each step. The game comes with no music, but it allows you to load music from your computer in any of several formats.

Bumper Ball is the kind of game where you're motivated to beat it the first couple times, but that really loses its appeal after you play level 1 the 10th time. Some other modes and some more eye candy would do a world of good, but this game is still worth a shot if you have nothing better to do.

Highs: Commendable graphics, original enough not to be a breakout clone
Lows: Some gameplay flaws, mediocre audio

From the author
Bumper Ball is an 18 level romp similar to Breakout... with a twist. Learn to keep your ball under control in this crazy, pinball-physics arcade spaz run!

Download Bumper Ball (EXE, ~1.48 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2004.10.31 Re_jex
Rating: --

a ok game, I found the sprites where pretty nice, the menu was really good, and the sounds fit well, I liked being able to load my own music that was a nice feature, the only thing I have against it was that it was incredibley hard. The arrow keys seem to move my paddle to slowly and I only got passed the first level about 2/10 times and the second, the ball went waay to fast to catch.
2004.10.31 Re_jex
Rating: 5

ok I already commented but I forgot to rate it so here it is.
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