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Game Maker Games - Breakball
 Breakball by J. Yates
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Review by happysister
I downloaded this game when it was first released (which was a very, very long time ago) and thought it to be a really cool and original game…but I never took the time to review it, and for that, I feel a bit guilty and apologize to the creator. So after a long period of reviewing slackage, I thought it appropriate to review the game that I thought deserved to be reviewed for a long time but never was. Here it is, friends. I give you…Breakball.

This game is a really nice mix of Breakout and Pong. And it’s in 3D, too! The game play is really simple and pretty fun. Your mission: destroy those pesky power tiles at the back of the room that block your view of the beautiful metallic wall behind them. You are given two weapons: a ball and a paddle. Use them wisely or your strategy can backfire (as mine so did many times). Bounce the ball off your paddle towards the back of the room to try to hit and destroy the power tiles. It’s that simple…or is it? As you combat these obstinate pieces of glowy tiles, you must not let the ball touch the foreground, or the shield protecting the screen will lose some of its shielding power. If the shield’s energy is brought down to nothing, you lose the game. But wait, there’s more! During the game, power ups and power downs spawn at the back of the room at random and float towards the foreground. You must use discreeting discretion and choose which ones to collect on your paddle and which ones to let pass by. A wrong choice could be deadly.

As stated before, this game is in three dimensions, and the creator did a great job keeping the graphics cool-looking and flowing nicely. The only part the game seemed to drag for me was on the title screen, and more than likely it could’ve just been my computer being nitpicky. Some of the graphics were taken from the resource packs but were implemented nicely, so no complaints there on my part. I really like the font choice for the score board. It fits the game better than a standard one. Over all, the game looks great. I didn’t notice any problems with the visuals.

As for the audio aspects of the game, they were decent. Not the best, but decent. The sound effects were taken from the resource packs, but for the most part they fit with the game. There are three songs you can scroll though for the background music. They were ok. I’ve heard more annoying tunes, but I’ve heard better ones as well. The game also comes with a music off setting which is always a nice feature to imput.

My closing comments are these… This game is great. It’s definitely on my list of really awesome Game Maker games. If you like arcade games, download it. If you don’t like arcade games, download it anyway. It may convert you. You never know.

Creator's Comments:

Breakball is a 3d breakout/paddle type of game. The goal is pure high-score chasing. You deflect a ball(s) with your paddle to prevent it from hitting the front wall, while trying to destroy tiles on the back wall and collecting power-ups. Avoid damage from missing the ball or letting bombs hit the front wall. Full description of the game's features are in the read-me file.

Download Breakball (EXE, ~1.06 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.14 DJ Teh C
Rating: 10

10/10! the most unique game ive seen on this site!
2005.12.02 flamozoid gaming
Rating: 5

Nice Game, but not one of my favorites
2005.11.27 Pie_4
Rating: 9

wow! amazing 3d game! lots of power ups (and downs)! I give it a 9!
2005.11.27 Zaron
Rating: 6

It was simply just too great a toll on my patience, especially considering I've played something like this before that was a lot more fast paced while maintaining a similar degree of difficulty. .-. I just got bored. Valiant effort, however, and pace aside fair well enough done.
2005.03.06 stevenup7002
Rating: 9

Brilliant game, great use of the particale system!!! Graphics are stunning!! I love it when people use a trick to the eye
2005.01.22 Tails
Rating: 10

Cool! I give 10!
As I said above: Cool!
2004.10.01 Seal
Rating: 8

This game is great. Real fun. ^^
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