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Game Maker Games - BOUNCE: Puzzle Platformer
BOUNCE: Puzzle Platformer by SuperCasey4
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Review by Quimp
BOUNCE: Puzzle Platformer is a very bouncy platformer game with an interesting gameplay. The game features a blue ball that must reach the red flashig block to terminate a level and move on to the next one. To do so, you must bounce your way around the level avoiding spikes located on both the ceilings and floors, hit switches to get rid of beams, experience wind's force through ventilators and hit the right blocks to jump higher, lower or at the same height. The controls are simple: use F5 to save, F6 to load, Space to restart a level, and the left and right arrows to move.

The game features 20 levels, including an ending level and what could be considered as an introductive level, all well organized so that each one is harder than the previous. Once you become comfortable with the jumping, BOUNCE: Puzzle Platformer becomes more of a puzzle-oriented game and the controls become a breeze. The creator managed to pull an incredibly easy gameplay and keep the game very fun at the same time.

As far as functionnality goes, a few aspects confused me. Even though there is a loading button on the main room, the game oddly missed a saving option. I was able to complete all the levels using Game Maker's built-in system, pressing F5 to save and F6 to load. Was this feature intended and left on purpose? More documentation to surround the game would have cleaned some things up, especially for the controls. It appeared that there are few were small bugs present, for instance while attempting to load a game or during collisions, but the inconvenience was minor.

Graphically-wise, the overall presentation is simple and decent. The backgrounds left aside, the style and graphics are comparable to many similar platformers. In addition, it has its own touches like the particle effect and the ball's trailling that appealed well. The looping song was pleasing, although nothing that stands out.

Near half-way through the end, I felt the game was missing something. More variety, modes and interactivity would have been up-points. An interesting addition to counterbalance the easy difficulty and repetition would have been a timing system. It would also emphaze the puzzle aspect of the game, whose mention is a bit blury as far as the reference in the title goes; you surely won't have an headache after completing the game.

Still, BOUNCE: Puzzle Platformer was a fun experience. I enjoyed playing it but it didn't keep me comming back for more. I especially liked the concept and the original platformer idea. All in all, the game is indeed subject to improvements and bug fixes, but you will most likely appreciate the simplicity in which the game presents itself.


The creator wrote:
This is completely original puzzle platformer. The object of the game is to guide a ball through the level, avoiding obstacles. You have to land on different colored blocks to change your bounce height. Some blocks make you bounce higher, and some make you bounce lower, there are also a variety of other blocks that can alter your height. This game can get very addicting and it is probably like nothing you have ever played before. Some of the levels can get pretty difficult, but I assure you it is possible to beat every level.

Download BOUNCE: Puzzle Platformer (EXE, ~4.45 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.03.06 Mr. Wiggles
Rating: 7

It`s fun but it never got harder. With more challenging levels this game would be much better.
2006.01.24 Ouchy1
Rating: --

This game is pretty good. but the decreasing seems to be more subtle than the bounce increasing. besides that pretty good game!
2006.01.20 Pie_4
Rating: --

the link doesn't seem to work for me. Oh well.
2005.10.13 gamemaker6.1_guy
Rating: 8

great gameplay but the bigest setback was the graphics, they were too simple.
2005.09.12 CrazyClown2
Rating: --

Joewoof, I have to agree with many of your points. Note that you can restart a level by pressing Space. To that extend, I assume the red block's effect isn't a glith, but rather a feature. I assure you, the ability to restart at any given point makes the game a lot more fun; give it another try. Perhaps the confusion wouldn't have been there if there was game documentation in the first place, as you pointed out.
2005.09.09 Joewoof
Rating: 5

The concept is quite original and the gameplay is fairly decent. However, the difficulty curve is inexcusably poor. The game also needs to have a minimal point to it, perhaps some storyline. There are also lots of other problems, most notably the lack of sufficient in-game information. There should be a restart option, since it is fairly easy to get stuck with the 'red block'. This glitch can render the game unplayable at some point and cause players to be extremely frustrated (who wants to start over from the beginning just because they forgot to save?).

All in all, it's an average puzzle-platformer. Not too bad, but it can use a great deal of improvement.
2005.08.18 jassaunders
Rating: --

origanal have u got a phone bounce is a game on the phone
2005.08.17 Rebelduck101
Rating: 10

Here is my review:

The graphics were average, but the backrounds were just pictures! They didn't fit with the sprites.

The music was catchy and fit well, but some of the sound effects were off.

This is where the game shines! The game was very addictive and unique!

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