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Game Maker Games - Booloid
 Booloid by messhof
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Review by Darthlupi
Game Description

Get aboard your saucer and go save those poor little Boolians! For some reason the poor little fellows are scattered and stranded all over the place, and it is up to you to save their little hides.

Navigate your saucer through strange landscapes, use your handy dandy tractor beams to suck up ship parts and stranded boolian, and you may stand chance of surviving this strange little exploration game.

Game Play

In Booloid you control a small flying saucer, that drifts in a convincing 1950s alien invasion movie way, using the arrow keys. When ever you come across collectable item you simply press the Space Bar to activate your tractor beam to suck the little items up.

The Collectable items are as follows:

White dots - Some kind of bonus points
Squares - The ship parts, for ship upgrades
Circles - The wee little Boolians
Purple Liquid Pools - This the ship coolant
Red Liquid - This is Lava! Wonder what this is for?

Pressing the Control Key will allow you to access a menu for upgrading your ship, viewing your present status (how many ship parts, Boolians, and White Dots you have collected), and it will bring up an option menu as well. Very handy stuff, and it is well laid out.

From the upgrade menu you can modify your Tractor Beam's length, your Coolant system's drain time, your Shield capacity, and your ships Maneuverability. These upgrades were used in a clever way to allow you to access new hidden areas and collect previously unreachable items.

You have two gages that you need to watch at all times. One gage is the Coolant gage. This slowly drops through out game play. The only way to replenish this is to suck up the Purple Liquid from pools scattered around the play area. The other gage is your Shields gage. When you Shields are empty you are doomed, but if you are taking serious damage you can wait for a period of time until the shields regenerate.

This game also provides the player with a meager three lives and a save point system. Every time you run out of lives, your game is over. The Boolians are stranded for life, and you no longer exist. How can you beat this game with only THREE LIVES? Save points to the rescue! Every time you reach a save point your lives, Shields, and Coolant are all replenished, and if you die, you can always jump right back your last save point. Too awesome to be true? Nope, it is true.

My Thoughts

Even though Booloid is completely a minimalist exercise in it's design and game play features, it manages to create a fun little world full of new challenges and puzzles to keep you entertained for the entire length of the game. The game play is solid, and the exploration is just fun.

Some of you may hate the graphical style that this game incorporates. Every object is a simple geometric shape, with not detail or shading. The landscape largely consists of three colors, excluding the Lava and Coolant pools. I personally like the fact that the graphics match the simplicity of the game play. With the simple style you know exactly what is what, and you are able to concentrate fully on navigating your little saucer around the alien landscape.

The songs selected for this game are some of my favorite chip tunes. My only complaint is that in some areas they were not loud enough. I was straining the old ears trying to hear the blip blop around the in game sound effects.

The in game sounds were there. Period. Nothing flashy. A different sound for a different action. Just a collection of pops, beeps, and whistles. Personally, I feel it fit the style nicely.

With plenty of unlockable features, great little cutscenes, and tons of fun this game is a close contender for favorite the official Darthlupi's Favorite GM game of all time.

Author's Description

This game is called "Booloid". Yes, "Booloid". Right. So, in the game... called "Booloid", you control a saucer-like aircraft with a tractor beam. A tractor beam. With this tractor beam, you can suck up a bunch of things.

- stranded boolians
- parts
- coolant
- lava

You have to rescue the stranded boolians! Save them! Now! come ON!

Grab the crates full of saucer parts to upgrade your ship.

Explore the Boolish world! Find secret teleporters! Oh my... oh... my.

And, I mean, it's only like 1.36 mb to download. You should totally download it. Now.

And tell me what you think of it!

Download Booloid (EXE, ~1.36 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.01.31 MC Dirty
Rating: 9

This is a really great game. I like the graphics, the music and the ship upgrading. I played half an hour and already upgraded all my ship parts to 78%. Sadly, I don't know how to get the missing parts. I like the fact that you can up- and downgrade the ship as you need it. It's a lot of try and error, though.
There are, however, not enough save points. It gets really annoying to fly back 5 screens, always refilling your coolant just to save the game. Just a few more save points and the game would get a 10/10.
2008.06.21 flip82
Rating: 3

Really frustrating and annoying. I know, 'You gotta play more of it!'

I won't. This game is annoying. Meh.
2006.10.31 Alert Games
Rating: 6

It was a nice game! But it was very hard to control. I would have played longer if it was easier to control. ;) Also, the instructions didn't mention to get lava to stay alive, so it took a few lives to figure that out.
2006.10.15 ninja-x games
Rating: 10

WOW this game is wicked cool i love the music the controles I found out that all you need is 100% coolant and tractor to make it through the game
2006.10.14 excalibur333
Rating: 9

This game is awsome. It is one of my faovorite games. (the secret ship is so hard to controll). I love the simple graphics and sounds but the best part of the game is the controlls for the ship. (I get so sick of the same controlls in every game, it is nice to have some variety).
2006.10.08 zacrath
Rating: --

This game's a very wierd looking game, for me it was fine, but it took to long to actully start playing.
2006.08.10 Jabberwock
Rating: 9

An absolutely amazing game. My only complaint is that one of the songs is from Seiklus, but I suppose since tapeworm didn't create it and it's basically public domain, I can't really get on messhof too much for that. I really like the scenery; it's simple, but beautiful. I also like the fact that this game is not really very difficult, so I didn't really get frustrated with it.

This is a game I would've been proud to make; truly incredible. I actually prefer it to Bool, as it's non-linear and exploration based. I would have liked to see more variety in the scenery, but that doesn't bother me too much.
2005.12.01 Phreak
Rating: --

I cant download the game, not on this site, not on messhof's site, not even on another computer. After a while since the download starts, it abruptly ends before fully downloading. BTW, same problem with bool, I'm not sure about all of messhof's other games.
2005.08.22 messhof
Rating: --

Press ctrl to skip the intro sequence. Booyah.
2005.08.21 gamemaker6.1_guy
Rating: 6

is it possible to skip the intro? the controls are really good but to touchy. i would have much rathered it to be controlled with the mouse... good music and graphics - love the cartoonish theme...
2005.08.09 Dr_baconman
Rating: 10

Wow. An interesting sequel to Bool. The problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to upgrade your ship. Plus, I get lost easily. A map feature would've been nice.
Do I recognize one of the music pieces? Yes I do. It's that volcano level from Seiklus, it is! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ahem. I suppose I couldn't expect more.

Mmm, I didn't get far enough in the game to see all its features, but it's still really good and well-designed. I commend you.
2005.08.02 Joewoof
Rating: 8

Quite good. Well presented with simple solid gameplay. I enjoyed it, but the scenery becomes too repetitive after a while.
2005.07.10 kirbycook222
Rating: 9

A very fun game. The only problem I experienced was the controls.
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