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Game Maker Games - Bool
 Bool by messhof
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Review by Darthlupi
Game Description
Qu-ta akeoo lsad aii asd 18ajdt kki-+ ad.

Kidding, this game is weird ok? You start off not understanding very much at all. You have to navigate a menu system that is very user friendly, but in a language that spilled from the still foaming brain of Messhof.

Don't let that throw you off! If you don't figure it out then there will be all these little balls out there waiting to be rescued until the end of time.

The whole point of the game is to fly a circle around and pick up other circles with a crane. Along the way there will be obsticals to overcome, winds to fight, and power ups to grab.

After playing with the menu for a little while you will find your way into the actual game, or better yet you will stumble onto the translation purchasing option!

Game Play
Once you actually figure out how to navigate the menus a little better it will take you no time to figure out the basic goal of the game. What you do is fly this circle around with the arrow keys, and when ever you come across another circle you just drop your crane with space key to pick up the little fella.

Sounds simple? Well, it has a couple of twists (besides the translation thing). In order to complete the game you will need to overcome all sorts of obsticals, refuel (the triangles folks), and AND make it back to your little entrance warp before a timer runs out.

All of this is being graded, so be sure to be quick and get all the stuff laying around the map. The more points you get the more you have to spend on power ups (if you can navigate the menus), translations, and turning off certain pain in the butt environmental effects.

My Thoughts
Well, I was angry at first. I then was sad, and after that I had a great time. After I figured out how to make the thing work I came to love it. The graphics were nothing fancy, but the game play was perfect.

Perfect you ask? Yes, perfect. There were no bugs that I could find at all. I spent an entire Saturday afternoon playing and beating this game, so I should know.

The power ups and ship configuration options were more than a player could ask for. I do believe that I used every one that I purchased to my advantage.

The stumbling block that may stop you from a great gaming experience and rocking a lot would be that other language thing. Once you get through that it will be too much fun. Trust me. You trust me right?

Author's Words
In this game you rescue yellow balls with a crane from a big floating white ball. Kinda like my game "pilot" from a while back. You can upgrade your ship and buy all sorts of items that effect anything from the weather to the ability to restart the game and keep your stats.
The game is all in another "language" that you need to translate if you want to know what's going on. You do this by buying translations in the shop menu.

I hear it takes a while to get into..

"nevermind, I figured it out. I can beat the first level now. Very cool." - Lackey

"Never mind. I figured it out, and I rock alot. I figured I should tell you." -Darthlupi

"...the game is rather hard to play. But now I know that and I saved myself from deleting this game it is actually quite fun." -Simon Donkers

"...I'd highly recommend people reading this to download it and stick with it. The learning curve is a bit steep (due to the "other language" starting completely foreign) but once you get used to it you'll be hooked." - Yomamasmama

Download Bool (EXE, ~1.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.06.18 abproductions
Rating: 8

This is such an artistically profound game! I love it. It took me a little while to figure out just what I had to do, but once I found the translator option, things got a little clearer. Well designed menu, simple yet beautiful levels and graphics, suitable sound, but difficult.
2006.07.23 ForceDevice
Rating: 9

Well the ending sucks,the 'dancing contest' is harder than the rest of the game and there are too few stages.Except for these small problems this game is really worth a 10.Probably the most addictive GM game I've ever seen.And it was good to remember my old Master System days when I heard the Shinobi music(sometimes I died intentionally just to hear it).
2006.06.11 Maderick
Rating: 6

I didnt like it, the objective was too far-fecthed, but it was okay, no abuse
2006.02.12 lewa417
Rating: 8

ARRG!!! Where do I click to purchase the translation thing??!!!
2006.02.12 lewa417
Rating: 10

Ignore my last comment please.
2005.12.19 F.S.
Rating: 8

The graphics are a bit simple and there are not much levels. But that are nearly all bad aspects of Bool. It makes a lot of fun and the ideas of the code and improving the ship are very good and so I give 8 points.
2005.01.02 jim393
Rating: --

I totally agree with meister_of_peister_games, you keep blowing up and the foreign language made it even harder!
2004.12.18 Dr_baconman
Rating: 8

Hmm... in one word, intriguing.
This foreign language can and will confuse many gamers. Also, the gamers will not know exactly what to do. So, here's a hint:
-Collect all yellow balls and return to the starting square to beat a level.
-Pick up the Triangles for extra fuel.
-Pick up the crates for extra points(optional).
-On the starting screen, and on the page where you see multicolored dots, pick the bottom symbol which isn't a dot. If you have enough points, you can start translating the game.
Of course, once you understand the language, then you will have to restart the game and rack up extra units and such early in the game.
Oh, and don't get too frustrated when playing. You'll figure things out.
2004.12.11 meister_of_peister_games
Rating: 1

When I finally figured out how to play the game, I was presented with a flying white ball with about 3 seconds of gas. I lost. I then had to use ctrl+alt+delete to quit the game, as just using the escape key was impossible.
2004.11.19 davidolson22
Rating: 8

The language was cool, but had nothing to do with the story, near as I could tell. Also the ending required only memorization, not skill. However, the bulk of the game was fun, and this is one of the few GM games that I didn't find any bugs at all in.
2004.11.15 darthlupi
Rating: 9

I completely agree with you Mocha. I just wanted to state the fact that it was something that you could get around in the game. It has been the only stumbling block for some people. I wanted to let the peoples know that it was not a permanent feature.
2004.11.15 thesodamachine
Rating: 9

Very cool game, but the language is really hard to understand at first, but now that I know it, I think of myself as stupid because it seems so simple now.
2004.11.14 Mocha Man
Rating: 8

I thought the addition of the unknown language was a cool feature, not an obstruction to the core gameplay.
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