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Game Maker Games - Bombardment Wars
Bombardment Wars by Sparlatacus (PG Games)
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Review by tapeworm
Okay, the first thing you should know is that Bombardment Wars doesn't work. If you even manage to reach the point where you can actually play the game, it's likely to stop working after a round if you're lucky, and after just a few turns if you're not.

That said, I actually kind of like this game, and I guess I should tell you why. First, I'm sort of a fan of Sparlatacus's work in general. His games often have bugs and can be nearly unplayable (or in this case, actually unplayable), but at the same time they always have a unique style, a lot of originality (or at least randomness), and perhaps best of all, you never know what to expect from them.

In theory, Bombardment Wars is similar to Scorched Earth and the many other games like it. A set of turrets on a hill fire various weapons until only one is left standing. Hits are rewarded with points, which are used to buy more ammunition between rounds. Some of the weapons in this game are variations on familiar ones, such as napalm and nuclear missiles, while others are more original, such as a giant hammer. Some don't seem to do much of anything, and some seem to mess up the game.

I think that this game has my favorite music of all of Sparlatacus's games in which he makes his own soundtracks. The graphics are very simple.

For best results, you might not even try playing--I find that it's more likely to work if you just make all the turrets computer-controlled and watch what happens. If you're thinking, "why in the world would I want to do that? Why should I even give this game a chance?" then I predict you'll find this to be a waste of time and you should probably skip it and try something different.

Download Bombardment Wars (EXE, ~1.6 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.03.06 ProMaker
Rating: 1

Idea was good, but shooting and sounds sucked. Name thing was something.
2008.11.14 Curtisisthebest
Rating: 2

You Really have to work on the graphics, terrible game. But it can't possibly be your first, cause you used tonnes of scripts and stuff
2006.10.08 Jabberwock
Rating: 5

Awesome. This has got to be my favorite PG Game. I think it's even better than Johnny 3.
2006.08.15 tomatoeworm
Rating: 1

I really wish i could rate this game a negative number :D
2006.01.14 The One
Rating: --

This game sucks so badly you cant actually rate it its so bad!
2006.01.14 Concrete
Rating: --

Yes his game may not be all that fun but at least the dude put some heart into it! i mean look at some of the games other guys put out..Bad storylines you know the score!! you guys should be ashamed! i bet you would be that bad if you were about his age (My guess is nine)
(PS : I want to speak with thesodamachine)
2006.01.08 fedor sinev
Rating: 1

uhhhh... I say its just not worth downloading this game because it was so boring that it uhhhh... sucked the crap out of uhhhh... me. Why do you even think im saying uhhhh...
2005.12.21 darthlupi
Rating: --

I really don't know how to RATE this personally. It had, has, and will have a certain charm to me I think. Maybe something I drank when I was a wee one. Who knows.
2005.12.17 GamerHippo7
Rating: --

to LAUGH at it? Little do you know that is incredibly cruel. Not everyone makes games like the next guy. think about the hours of time:

No one consideres effort. Please be kind here at GMG.com. Appretiate everyone's work and stop comparing your games to other's
2005.12.15 Radnom Games
Rating: 1

This game sucked so bad.
How could it get a 3.5?

Bad graphics
Bad sound
Bad gameplay
Bad bugs and glitches

It's almost impossible to have a single round without the game screwing up.

Sure, some of it was programmed at least okay, like the idea of turns, too bad it was pulled off with the grace of a dead cow...

It's worth the download just to laugh at it.
2005.12.09 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: 10

2005.12.07 Avis
Rating: 1

Well this game is not really good, hm even my very first game was better...
Why does nobody test MY game?!
2005.12.07 dude
Rating: --

This isn't his first game, I'm pretty sure...
2005.01.24 Alpha59
Rating: 6

Your first game? Well, the menu's were okay...
But the game... Well... I'm not blaming someones first game...
2004.08.22 gametroy
Rating: --

this game is the worst version of scorched earth ive ever played in my life...
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