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Game Maker Games - Begginer's First Code
Begginer's First Code by Martin Simpson (games2live)
This code lets a new-bie to Game Maker write a little code that asks for their name, age, and birthday, and then shows it to the user. Every line is commented. Enjoy!

Download Begginer's First Code (GM6, ~.003 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.06.28 FlamingCow90
Rating: --

It is great to see someone thinking of the newbies out there. however....

You do realize you rated your own game not once, not twice, but FIVE TIMES!!!!!!!! That in itself puts my views of you as a person at about the same level as the crud behind my refrigerator. on top of that, the file is corrupted.

thank you.
2007.05.25 games2live
Rating: 9

Ok all, I've finnaly written version 2! It covers cheats, and how to easily implement them. http://gamemakergames.com/?a=view&id=6048
2006.07.30 nota1ot
Rating: 9

Howzabout a thingy where you input your date of birth and it calculates your exact age?

Great example, BTW.
2006.07.30 M1C
Rating: 10

In Version 2, I suggest you work with the 'if' variable. It's an excellent start for Cheat Codes, and should be worked on. :)

Excellent 'tutorial,' btw.
2006.04.20 Games2live
Rating: 9

I am no longer offering gmail invites. Sorry, but you had a month!
2006.04.20 Games2live
Rating: 9

I'm starting to work on version 2. What do you think should be added?
2006.04.18 flyer828
Rating: 10

Good one i still can't figure out how, plz make version 2!!!! ps. g-mail accounts left? how many?
bananaman28@hotmail.com plz
2006.03.25 Games2live
Rating: 9

Thanks for all the positive ratings you guys! I have about 90 GMail invites left, so if you wan't one, send me a line at martins94@gmail.com.
2006.02.17 gamekids
Rating: 10

Good. Thanks. This is what I needed. I know using the function get_string but I didn't know how to write common text and a variable together. But thanks to this I will be able to do and use it in my game 'Charlie and the Destination Pearl'. I will include you in the credits.
2006.02.11 israel5000
Rating: 10

This rules! I edited it for cheat codes in a game I'm making.
2005.11.25 Super_Sam85
Rating: 10

I am good at everthing on gm but writing scripes
I am making a MMORPG game and I Need something where it says to type in your char name THANKS
2005.11.08 Games2live
Rating: 9

Uh, HELLO. I've been waiting a while for some comments. Am I going to get any or not?! I mean, I think addy771 thinks this is actually good because he aint say notin' bad 'bout it yet!
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